Ellen Mueller, Director of the MFA Program
Theresa Akers, Instructor
Robert Algeo, Adjunct Faculty
Jonathan Aller, Adjunct Faculty
Jaime Anderson, Assistant Professor
Anna Biedenbender, Instructor
Arlene Birt, Associate Professor
Rachael Bonebright, Instructor
Kevin Bongers, Instructor
Michelle Brost, Adjunct Faculty
Cameron Browne, Adjunct Faculty
Shannon Brunette, Instructor
Trevor Carr, Instructor
Dana Koehler, Adjunct Faculty
Stephanie Colgan, Adjunct Faculty
Zach Cramer, Instructor
Carey Dean, Instructor
Denise DeLuca, Director, Master of Arts in Sustainable Design
Aaron DeYoe, Adjunct Faculty
Meg Dolan, Instructor
Preston Drum, Instructor
Jen Evans, Instructor
Anna Eveslage, Instructor
David Farr, Instructor
Andi Fink, Instructor
Galen Fletcher, Instructor
William G. Franklin, Adjunct Faculty
Deann Garcia, Adjunct Faculty
Michael Gaughan, Instructor
Diana Green, Adjunct Faculty
Kara Gregory, Instructor
Chris Hajny, Adjunct Faculty
Carrie Hartman, Adjunct Faculty
Mary Henry, Instructor
Jonathan Herrera, Instructor
Sam Hoolihan, Adjunct Faculty
Caroline Solomon, Instructor
Erika Hutchings, Adjunct Faculty
Wendy Jedlička, Adjunct Faculty
Erik Johnson, Instructor
Jim Keefe, Instructor
Ken Korth, Instructor
Debra Lawton, Instructor
Mary Leikvold, Instructor
Dana LeMoine, Instructor
Allegra Lockstadt, Adjunct Faculty
Matthew Luken, Adjunct Faculty
Jonathan Maki, Instructor
Phil McCollam, Instructor
Edie McDonald, Instructor
Taryn Mead, Instructor
Zoey Melf, Instructor
Jane Meyer, Instructor
Meagan Miller, Instructor
Heidi Miller, Adjunct Faculty
Alex Mitchell, Instructor
Melanie Mozingo, Instructor
Lucinda Naylor, Instructor
Katie Maren Nelson, Adjunct Faculty
Lindsay Nohl, Adjunct Faculty
Josh Norton, Adjunct Faculty
Anita Nowak, Instructor
Alison Nowak, Adjunct Faculty
James O'Brien, Adjunct Faculty
Bridget O'Malley, Adjunct Faculty
Colin O'Neill, Instructor
Edie Overturf, Instructor
Neal Peterson, Instructor
Nicholas "Bly" Pope, Adjunct Faculty
Chelsea Reeck, Instructor
Erin Rufledt, Instructor
Samantha Russell, Instructor
Amy Sands, Adjunct Faculty
Erin Sandsmark, Instructor
Susan Shields, Instructor
Caitlin Skaalrud , Instructor
Lafe Smith, Director, Master of Arts in Graphic and Web Design
Melodee Strong, Instructor
Anne Sugnet, Instructor
Keith Taylor, Instructor
Lisa Troutman, Instructor
Ashby Utting, Adjunct Faculty
Sarah Wieben, Instructor