MCAD Certificate Student


Choose from MCAD's certificates in design foundations, web development, biomimicry, or user experience (UX).

If you are seeking professional development and advancement, earning a certificate is a great way to demonstrate your fundamental competencies in a given discipline.

In order to earn your certificate, select and complete the required number of courses in your chosen area. Some certificates are campus-based, while others are fully online. The sequence of courses is somewhat flexible, although some courses do have prerequisites and must be taken in succession.

Design Foundations Certificate (Online or Hybrid Online and On-Campus)

  • Graphic Design Essentials (online) OR Introduction to Graphic Design (face to face)
  • Design in Context (online or face to face)
  • Typography (online) OR Introduction to Typography (face to face)

Web Development Certificate (Online)

  • Web Development: HTML
  • Web Development: CSS
  • Web Development: Projects
  • Web Development: PHP and MySQL
  • Web Development: Wordpress

Biomimicry Certificate (Online)

  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Design
  • Systems Thinking
  • Biomimetic Design OR Biomimicry for Designers

User Experience Certificate (On-Campus)

  • Introduction to UX
  • UX and the Mobile App
  • Design with UX in Mind
  • Prototyping

When are these courses offered?

*Course lists and availability are subject to change based on interest and enrollments.


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