MCAD Certificate Student


Choose from MCAD's certificates in design foundations, web development, biomimicry, or user experience (UX).

If you are seeking professional development and advancement, earning a certificate is a great way to demonstrate your fundamental competencies in a given discipline.

In order to earn your certificate, select and complete the required number of courses in your chosen area. Some certificates are campus-based, while others are fully online. The sequence of courses is somewhat flexible, although some courses do have prerequisites and must be taken in succession.

Design Foundations Certificate: Take 3 of the Following Courses. (Online or Hybrid Online and On-Campus)

  • Graphic Design Essentials (10 weeks, online)
    Introduction to Graphic Design (10 weeks, face to face)
  • Design in Context (15 weeks, online)
  • Typography (15 weeks, online)
    Introduction to Typography (10 weeks, face to face)
  • Print Production for Graphic Designers (10 weeks, face to face)

Web Development Certificate (Online). Take the following 3 courses:

  • Web Development: HTML (5 weeks, online)
  • Web Development: CSS (5 weeks, online)
  • Web Development: Topics and Projects (5 weeks, online)

Then take either the following 2 courses, for front end development focus:

  • Web Development: PHP and MySQL (5 weeks, online)
  • Web Development: Wordpress (5 weeks, online)

Or take the following course, for back end development focus

  • Programming for the Web (15 weeks, online)

Biomimicry Certificate (Online)

  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Design (15 weeks, online)
  • Systems Thinking (15 weeks, online)
  • Biomimetic Design (15 weeks online)
  • Biomimicry for Designers ( 5 weeks online)

User Experience Certificate (On-Campus). Take the following 4 courses:

  • Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design (10 weeks, face to face)
  • User Experience (UX) and the Mobile App (10 weeks, face to face)
  • User Experience (UX) Design Systems, and the Screen (10 weeks, face to face)
  • Prototyping (6 weeks, face to face)

When are these courses offered?

*Course lists and availability are subject to change based on interest and enrollments.


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