Student taking an online course at MCAD


Online courses at MCAD range from the practical to experimental and are offered during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Current Online Courses

Courses may be taken by degree-seeking students, alumni, art and design professionals, arts educators, and other lifelong learners.

Online Courses at MCADCreditsLengthSemester(s) Offered
Quick Sketch: Visual Communication That Matters15 wksSp
Experience Anatomy315 wksSp
Drawing Through a Lens315 wksFa
The Body in Art and Visual Culture315 wksFa
Introduction to Animation315 wksVaries 
Introduction to Infographics: Designing to Tell Stories15 wksSu
Comics Crash Course05 wksSp
Game Concept and Design15 wksFa, Su
Game Development15 wksFa, Su
Game Mechanics15 wksFa
Biomimicry for Designers15 wksFa or Su
Color Marketing and Forecasting15 wksSp
Typography315 wksSp
Design in Context315 wksFa
Motion Design315 wksFa
User Experience Design315 wksFa
Web Development: HTML15 wksFa, Sp, Su
Web Development: CSS15 wksFa, Sp, Su
Web Development: Projects15 wksFa, Sp
Programming for the Web35 wksSp
Web Development: PHP and MySQL15 wksFa or Su
Web Development: WordPress15 wksFa or Su
Responsive Design315 wksVaries
Web Design: Principles315 wksVaries
Fundamentals of Sustainable Design315 wksSp
Systems Thinking315 wksFa
Creative Leadership315 wksVaries
Packaging Sustainability315 wksVaries

Courses and availability are subject to change based on interest and enrollments. Browse MCAD's current course offerings.

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