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Learn nature-based design strategies through courses on Sustainable Design, Systems Thinking, and Biomimicry.

Fully Online
Total cost: $2870 noncredit, $5130 for 6 credits


  • Introduction to Biomimcry: A Sustainable Design Methodology (5 weeks); $410 noncredit
  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Design (15 weeks); $1230 noncredit, $2565 for 3 credits
  • Systems Thinking (15 weeks); $1230 noncredit, $2565 for 3 credits

Students will:

  • Build understanding, awareness, and comfort using sustainability criteria and frameworks, the vocabulary of the sustainability industry, and the processes and principles required to make sustainable change in business.
  • Learn how to create systemic descriptions, create design patterns, gain knowledge of sustainability, and map the impact of our designs and behavior on the environment.
  • Gain a solid foundation in the concepts, tools, and principles employed in biomimetic designs and become familiar with life's principles and how to apply them to design challenges, experience the practical application of biomimicry tools to design.


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