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Learn the essentials of graphic design through topics such as design concepts and vocabulary; design history and theory, composition, and typography. 

All classes are online at least through Fall 2020
Total cost:
Variable depending on coursework. See details below.

(choose 3, it is strongly recommended that you choose only one Typography class and either Introduction to Graphic Design or Graphic Design Essentials)

  • Introduction to Graphic Design (10 weeks, $410 noncredit, $855 for 1-credit)
  • Introduction to Typography (10 weeks, $410 noncredit, $855 for 1-credit)
  • Graphic Design Essentials (10 weeks, $820 noncredit, $1710 for 2-credits)
  • Design in Context (15 weeks, $1230 noncredit, $2565 for 3-credits)
  • Typography (15 weeks, $1230 noncredit, $2565 for 3-credits)
  • Another course of the student's choice based on interest, including User Experience (UX), Print Production, Experimental Image Making, Typography Bootcamp, Web Development (prices vary, from $165-$410)

Students will:

  • Gain an understanding of various design and typographic processes, systems, and styles, create portfolio-ready projects, and develop a knowledge of design-related vocabulary.
  • Gain experience utilizing typography for a variety of purposes: communication, expression, and organization while working through multiple formats. 
  • Learn important aspects of the history of graphic design, including design history and trends, as well as how the discipline of graphic design fits within a larger cultural context.


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