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Learn strategies to develop high quality online course design; helping artists and designers facilitate the creative process remotely, and conducting critiques effectively online. 

I wanted to learn about teaching online-specifically for art and design. I knew nothing about this topic. The three-part course was really informative, topical, and I learned a great deal.-Fall 2020 Student

Fully online
Total cost: $1230 noncredit, $2565 for 3-credits


  • The Essentials of Online Course Design (5 weeks); $410 noncredit, $855 for 1 credit
  • Facilitating the Creative  Process (5 weeks); $410 noncredit, $855 for 1 credit
  • Online Critique (5 weeks); $410 noncredit, $855 for 1 credit

Students will:

  • Gain an overview of instructional design concepts, such as backward design, Bloom’s Taxonomy, types of interactivity, Universal Design for Learning, accessibility, and faculty presence.
  • Review general phases of the creative process, components of an art/design work, chunking and scaffolding, transparency in grading, rubrics, Universal Design for Learning in relationship to presentations/demonstrations, and various forms of interaction.
  • Learn about group agreements, community building, understanding bias/blindspots/growth mindset, giving and receiving feedback, in-process versus final critiques, and documenting work.


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