Art supplies on white background. Supplies included from left to right, red pencil, smudge stick, kneaded eraser, black eraser, white eraser


Art educators are invited to attend specialized, week-long summer workshops offered by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. All summer 2020 workshops will be offered in a remote format. 

You will gain creative techniques, collaborate and make connections with fellow teachers, and find inspiring professional development opportunities.

Registration for Summer 2020 workshops is now open. 

Summer 2020 Workshops

June 15–19:
Printmaking Exploration
Contemporary Painting Methods

June 22–26:
Experimental Drawing and Mixed Media
Product Design for Educators

July 20–24:

Contemporary Painting Methods - Session 2 

Experimental Drawing - Session 2


Graduate credit is available. 

For more information email or call 612.874.3765