COVID-19 FAQs and resources for the MCAD community

Last updated: May 5, 2020, at 2:34 p.m.

General Health

What is novel about COVID-19?
COVID-19 is not related to seasonal influenza. It is a newly identified coronavirus that is causing an outbreak of pneumonia illness. It was first identified in December 2019 in the city of Wuhan, China. Since then, the virus has been identified in multiple other countries, including cases in the U.S. This new virus is a public health concern because it is newly identified, so much is still unknown. 

What is the risk?
Per the CDC website: This is a rapidly evolving situation and the risk assessment may change daily. 

What are the symptoms of COVID-19? Is it contagious?
Person-to-person exposure occurs through airborne droplets from sneezing and coughing. Symptoms may be flu-like, ranging from mild to serious, and include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Headache
  • Muscle ache
  • Diarrhea

How can I help prevent COVID-19?
There is no vaccine to prevent this virus, and the CDC advises that the best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus. Here are everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses:

  • #1 Recommendation: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Put distance between yourself and other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community. This is especially important for people who are at higher risk of getting very sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

How can people help stop stigma related to COVID-19?
People may be worried or anxious about friends and relatives who are living in or visiting areas where COVID-19 is spreading. Fear and anxiety can lead to social stigma against a group of people, a place, or a nation. Stigma hurts everyone by creating more fear or anger towards ordinary people instead of the disease that is causing the problem.

Current Students


Has the Spring 2020 Academic Calendar changed?
We will maintain the academic calendar in regard to advising, last day of classes, grades due. See our Academic Calendar for more information. Please note that all dates are subject to change due to COVID-19.

Remote Learning

What is remote learning? What should I expect?
Remote learning is an online alternative to in-person instruction that will allow you to earn spring semester credits while protecting your health and safety during this unprecedented health crisis. Faculty members are currently preparing to deliver class content remotely and virtually. Remote learning begins March 30.

How should I prepare for remote learning?  
You should carefully review MCAD’s Academic Continuity Checklist: Learning from Anywhere—A Student Guide. This document is designed to help you prepare for remote learning. Online Learning has developed a series of video tutorials to complement the checklist. 

What do I do if my internet connection isn’t reliable?
For a list of internet providers and wireless carriers making accommodations to help people deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, check out Internet Service Providers for Remote Learning on MCAD’s Knowledge Base.

What if I am in a different time zone from my instructor?
Faculty will be using both synchronous and asynchronous tools in their classes. When planning to teach synchronous (live) online classes, faculty are asked to be aware of the different time zones in which students are located. 

I am located near my instructor/classmates. Can I meet with them off-campus?
No. In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and adhere to CDC guidelines of social distancing, we ask that all teaching and learning is conducted online. This helps promote the safety of all members of the MCAD community.

Completing Assignments

Am I still responsible for class assignments, exams, and/or materials due as stated in the syllabus?
Yes. Note that some assignments might be revised for remote teaching and learning, but you are still responsible for full participation in your classes. Faculty members will provide guidance on how to submit assignments, participate in critiques, and take exams.

If I'm not able to complete a class, how will it affect my financial aid or graduating on time?
As with any semester, we strongly encourage you to complete your coursework and work towards your degree requirements in order to graduate. If you are struggling academically, please reach out to your faculty, your department chair, or Student Affairs for help.

If you have additional accommodation needs with remote learning, please contact Disability Services to set up a meeting to discuss.

Students may also consider a withdrawal. For this spring 2020 semester the deadline to withdraw from a course has been extended to Tuesday, May 12. If a student chooses to withdraw from a course or courses, it may have implications on degree completion and financial aid. Please contact Student Affairs for more information.  

How will I complete my projects that require specialized facilities (such as the 3D Shop, Print Shop, Service Bureau, gray studio, etc)?
Faculty members will modify their coursework to accommodate for remote learning. 

What if I need special equipment to complete my assignments? Is the Media Center still open for check-outs?
The Media Center is closed and has halted all circulations. All current reservations have been extended through the end of the semester.


How will I conduct one-on-one critiques with my instructors?
The format for one-on-one critiques and meetings will be determined by individual faculty members. Options might include video conferencing, email, chat, and/or discussion boards.

How will group critiques be conducted during remote learning?
The format for group critiques will be determined by individual faculty members. Options might include video conferencing, email, chat, and/or discussion boards.


Will MCAD change the grading policy for the spring 2020 semester?
Effective immediately, all undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted to convert any of their courses to pass/fail grading for this semester. All courses for which they receive passing (P) grades will count toward degree requirements. Students may opt-in via a myMCAD form anytime through May 12. However, they cannot revoke that decision after submission. It is recommended that students discuss their current grade with faculty prior to changing their grading scale from A-F to Pass/Fail. 

All grades of C- or better in a course for which students elect the pass/fail grade will convert to P. As such, students who are concerned about applying to graduate school(s) where letter grades are required or whose lives were not disrupted by the coronavirus crisis, may benefit from having letter grades displayed and calculated into their overall GPA. MCAD advises any student who is earning a D+ or lower to choose a letter grade system, not pass/fail.

For more information on the pass/fail option, please review this Pass/Fail/Withdraw Information for Students document from the records office.


Will the same attendance policy still be in effect for remote learning? What if I feel ill? Do I need a doctor's note?
We have made temporary changes to MCAD’s Attendance Policy that have gone into effect immediately. If students are absent from class due to COVID-19, they need to contact faculty and inform Student Affairs. Absences due to COVID-19 are excused and will not affect grades. You do not need a doctor's note to be absent from class if you are ill.

I missed an exam due to illness or self-quarantine. What can I do?
The Learning Center can administer make-up exams. Please contact the Learning Center ( to make arrangements.


How will I meet with my advisor? What if I am undeclared?
Advising will occur remotely. MA and MFA students should contact their program director for more information. Declared undergraduates in all classes (first-year through senior) should meet remotely with their advisors between Friday, April 3 and Tuesday, April 14. 

Undeclared undergraduates will make appointments through the Learning Center appointment portal with advisors in Student Affairs beginning April 3 and will meet online with their assigned advisor between Tuesday, April 14 and Friday, April 24.

How will registration be conducted this semester?
Registration for all students will proceed online as usual:

MA and MFA students will register online the week of April 6. Declared undergraduate students will register online in order of class standing on April 14. Students will not be allowed to register earlier than their class standing registration time. Undeclared students will register online starting on Thursday, April 23. Registration closes on Friday, April 24 at 6:00 p.m.

How do we make sure to get the classes we need to stay on track?
Students are advised to check their degree audits in MyMCAD and to continue to make academic progress in their coursework to stay on track for graduation. If you are struggling in your classes, please reach out to your faculty, your chair of department, or Student Affairs for help.

Junior Reviews

Can I still complete my Junior Review this semester?
All Junior Reviews have been postponed until the fall semester.

Merit Awards

How will Merit Awards be managed during campus closure?
Merit Awards will be administered digitally. Keep an eye on your MCAD email for updates.


What changes are being made to the internship requirement in light of the economy and social-distancing requirements?
MCAD encourages students to continue with their internships if they are able to do so. Students currently in internships should reach out to their internship site supervisor to see if they are able to complete their internship remotely. Timelines for completing current internships can be extended if circumstances allow. If internships cannot be completed remotely or the internship site has closed, students should be in contact with Career Development ( as soon as possible. Special consideration will be given to seniors who intend to graduate in May 2020 whose internship plans have been disrupted by COVID-19 issues.

Students who were planning to do their internships this summer should reach out to their intended internship site to see if remote work is possible. Many employers are changing to accommodate remote work, including internships. Career Development is available to help you with how to ask for remote internships, to do a customized search for remote internships in Handshake, and to receive any other assistance you need.

Students who plan to do an internship in summer 2020 should register for DT IN99 91 (internship credits placeholder) for fall semester. The list will be provided to Career Development so they can devote special assistance to help secure a summer internship. If your internship plans do not work out the way you anticipate, your Chairs and Career Development will work with you just as we have for the spring graduating seniors.


I’m scheduled to graduate this semester. What are the plans for a commencement ceremony/exhibition?
The May 2020 graduates will commence on December 12, 2020 at the Children’s Theater Company together with the December 2020 graduates. Participation in commencement is not required but strongly encouraged so we can celebrate your accomplishments together.

Will the May 2020 and December 2020 graduates be combined or separated?
While the ceremony will be combined, we are investigating ways to bring distinction to each undergraduate graduating class. 

How will out-of-state or international students participate in commencement? Will commencement be online?
We are exploring options for out-of-state or international students who cannot return to participate in the Commencement Exhibition. More information will follow in the weeks to come. 

How will we pick the student speaker?
Student speakers will be picked online via survey. Surveys will be sent to your MCAD email in the fall.

Can we have graduation gowns?
Undergraduates are not supplied with gowns. Graduate students are supplied rented gowns and hoods.

How many tickets will we receive for commencement?
The number of tickets available for commencement will depend on the number of student participants and the stage design in the theater. 

When will we receive the commencement/facilities form? What if our circumstances change after submitting the form?
RSVP for commencement will be sent in the fall. Previous Intent to Graduate forms, which indicate a student’s intent to participate in the commencement ceremony, will be redistributed to collect the most recent information. 

How are students involved in planning commencement?
The ceremony is a formal ceremony that has been streamlined for time and location at the Children’s Theatre. We may take student input regarding the reception. More info will be communicated with students in the fall. 

What will happen to the Commencement Exhibition?
The May 2020 Commencement Exhibition will be combined with the December 2020 exhibition and will take place after the Art Sale. Installation will take place the week of November 30 and the Exhibition will run from December 4–12, 2020.

Will there be enough space for the Commencement Exhibition if they are combined? Will I have a smaller exhibition space?
Combining the two cohorts will result in a larger exhibition. We may use the whole school, including the College Center, Morrison, and the 3rd and 4th floors of the Main building depending on participation and students’ requests. More information on exhibition spaces will follow once we receive the proposals.

When can we expect to receive our diplomas? How do I update my address to receive my diploma?
May 2020 graduates can expect to receive their diplomas by mail by mid-June at the earliest. However, this timeline is dependent on when the stay-at-home order is lifted and we can get back on campus to process and print the diplomas.

Any currently enrolled student can update their address using the Change of Address form on myMCAD (via the Records Office tab). When the time comes for mailing diplomas, we accept emails from graduates requesting that the diploma be mailed to a current address.  

Is the Emerging Talent Showcase still happening?
Yes! MCAD will be holding a virtual Emerging Talent Showcase (ETS) this spring, with a list of graduates by major and links to their website/digital portfolio, accessible by industry professionals. We are also planning to hold an in-person ETS in conjunction with the December graduation exhibition. Career Development will be reaching out to all May 2020 and December 2020 graduates about these opportunities.

Facilities and Services


How can I collect some belongings I left on campus?
If students left personal belongings on campus after the stay-at-home order was enacted, they should contact Student Affairs ( to let them know where the belongings were left and how to make arrangements for retrieving their belongings after the order is lifted.  

If students left personal belongings or materials in studio spaces, they should contact Academic Services ( as soon as possible. When MCAD reopens, anything abandoned in studios will be recycled by Academic Services staff.

What resources are available to students who are now located off-campus?
Online and virtual access for Online Learning, tutoring, mental health counseling, the Help Desk, Library, and Media Center are available to students. 

What other mental health resources are available during the COVID-19 pandemic?
MCAD's Student Counseling and Wellness Department has identified the following information and resources:

How can I get help from:

  • The Library?
    For online materials: Ebooks and online articles are available through Mcatalog. Requests for online materials that we don’t own can be placed through an interlibrary loan requestArtstor is available for digital art images.
    For research assistance: The library will be answering questions and providing assistance via email at or a Google hangout if you prefer. Allan Kohl, our Visual Resources and Instruction Librarian, will be available for online reference appointments or online meetings with classes; contact him directly at
  • The 3D Shop?
    The 3D shop's online appointment system (WConline) is available for class and individual student, staff, and faculty consultation on student projects and class plans. 3D shop staff are available for appointments online through Google hangout, chat, or e-mail Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After making an appointment, an email from the shop tech of your choice will follow up to arrange a meeting. Feel free to also email
  • The Printshop and Paper Studio?
    Printshop and Paper Studio staff are working remotely on projects to help improve the studios when we reopen but are available for consultation. Appointments are available via phone, email, or Google Hangouts. To request an appointment, or if you have a question, please email

I checked out materials from the Media Center. How do I return these? Will I get fined?
All future reservations have been canceled and no new equipment will be circulated through the Media Center. All current reservations have been extended through the end of the semester and no fines will be issued.

I have books checked out from the MCAD Library. What should I do?
No need to worry! You have two options:

  • Wait. No pressure, all loans are extended until May 29 and that date is flexible. Contact to extend your due date.
  • If you feel safe to return items to campus, the MCAD Library has teamed up with Public Safety for a temporary return drop between the doors of the Main Gallery entrance. Use the buzzer and they will open the doors for you to enter. You can start using this now if you need to.

Also, if you’re out of the area and returns are going to be a problem for you, please contact the MCAD Library at and they will work with you.

Can I still use the Service Bureau? 
No, the Service Bureau is closed as of March 27

Will I have an opportunity to return to campus and clean out my studio?
Yes, undergraduate studios need to be cleaned out by 5:00 p.m. on March 30. Students will need to vacate studio spaces, lockers, common areas, and turn in any studio or locker keys to Academic Services. Extra dumpsters, recycling and compost bins are available. Undergraduates should make arrangements to clean out their studios as soon as possible. If students are unable to meet this deadline, they should contact Academic Services ( immediately. When MCAD reopens, anything abandoned will be recycled by Academic Services staff.

Bistro and Art Cellar

Will the Bistro remain open to students who cannot leave campus?
As of March 27, the Bistro will be closed until further notice.

I have money left on my meal plan. Will this be refunded?
Yes, MCAD will refund prorated remaining balances on all prepaid student accounts, including meal plans. 

Can I still visit the Art Cellar to purchase supplies?
As of March 28, the Art Cellar will be closed until MCAD resumes normal operations.

I have money remaining in my Art Cellar Account. Will this be refunded?
Yes, MCAD will refund prorated remaining balances on all prepaid student accounts, including the Art Cellar.

Learning Center and Disability Services

Will I still have access to the Learning Center tutors?
Yes. You can schedule an online appointment with a tutor on the Learning Center Appointments Page.

Can I make an appointment with Disability Services?
Yes, you can make virtual appointments with Timothy Gardner in Disability Services by creating a meeting with him via the “Meet With” feature in the MCAD Google Calendar or by emailing Timothy Gardner.

Will my accommodations still be honored with remote learning?
Yes. If you have questions about your accommodations in a remote environment or if you have needs/conditions that arise that were not present before then, please contact Disability Services to set up a meeting to discuss them.

What if I need additional accommodations with remote learning?
If you have additional accommodation needs with remote learning, please contact Disability Services to set up a meeting to discuss them.

Student Employment

How will the closure of campus affect my Work Study job? Will I still get paid?
Following the Department of Education’s guidelines, MCAD intends to pay out each federal work-study contract based on the remaining balance of the reward. You should work with your supervisor to determine what work can be done remotely. 

For details about your contract, please email Human Resources or Financial Aid

I am a casual labor employee. Can I continue to work remotely?
Please contact your supervisor if you believe remote work is possible.

Career Development

Is Career Development still accepting appointments? 
We encourage you to request time with Career Development staff. Appointments will be held either over the phone or via Google Hangouts Meet according to your preferences. We are also able to provide assistance via email. To request an appointment, you may email or submit an appointment request via Handshake.

Fall Access for May 2020 Graduates

When will May 2020 graduates have access to facilities and how long will the extended access last?
MCAD is following the guidelines set by the State of Minnesota Department of Public Health to determine when we can allow students back onto campus. More information about when campus access for May 2020 graduates will begin and how long it will last is forthcoming.

What is included in the extended access?
MCAD is ideating how to give May 2020 graduates access to the equipment, software, and facilities they need to complete their work for the Commencement Exhibition. Please remember we have to balance the needs of the May 2020 graduates with those of the December 2020 graduating class as well as continuing students. 

To help us plan to accommodate everyone, May 2020 graduates will need to submit a plan, indicating:

  • participation in the commencement exhibition with consideration of the revised exhibition maps and space reservations
  • a personal work plan including the facility and software access needed to complete the work
  • need for a studio space

Will the extended access cost money?
No, the extended access will not cost money, but students may encounter costs associated with purchasing materials and services (i.e. Papercut fees, 3D shop materials fees, etc.) to finish their work.

As a graduating senior, can I share a studio with other people?
Yes, if graduates are willing to share a studio space please indicate this on the requested work plan.

What digital resources will be made available to students, including those living out-of-state or out of the country?
MCAD is working out how to extend access to Service Bureau/Papercut, Adobe suite, etc. to complete work for the Commencement Exhibition, including investigating options for extended access to specialty software, such as Toon Boom for Animators, for those who need it to complete their work. The Service Bureau can also ship print orders by request.

I heard MCAD is offering May 2020 graduates two free Continuing Education classes. Can we enroll in these classes in the fall?
Acknowledging the lack of access to facilities for on-campus students this semester, and our desire to support life-long learning for everyone, the May 2020 BFA, BS, and MFA graduates may take two free Continuing Education non-credit courses anytime in the next two years, starting this fall semester. Contact Continuing Education for more information.

MA graduates and continuing students who are not graduating this spring may take one free non-credit Continuing Education course over the next two years.

Are there plans for graduating MFA students to have continued access to campus facilities in fall semester?
MCAD is committed to making up for lost facilities access to graduating MFA students in some way. We are still working out the details and more information will be available in the coming months.

International Students

How will online classes affect my visa status?
Your visa status will not be affected during this time. As we go remote, you are still considered a full-time status student. 

How should I prepare to travel home?
Talk to your family about whether it’s best to return home at this time or to wait. If you do return home and don’t have a recent travel signature on your I-20, don’t worry. Britt can mail you a new I-20 to your home address before you return to the US. Please email her if you plan to return home.

What if I cannot return to my permanent address?
No student will be left without a place to live. We know that for some, moving is not an option. If you are not able to move out, select "I cannot move out due to special circumstances" on the move-out form, and provide a brief explanation of your situation. These petitions will remain confidential and be reviewed with great care. Students who remain in MCAD housing may be asked to move to a different unit.

MCAD Housing

How should I prepare for my departure from MCAD housing?

  • Inform MCAD Housing of your move-out date
  • Communicate with your roommates, try to avoid being in the apartment at the same time
  • Remove all of your personal belongings from the apartment
  • Take all trash, compost, and recycling to the dumpsters
  • Get your mail out of the mailbox in the building foyer
  • Remove all food from the premises
  • Ensure that all windows are tightly closed and latched
  • Set your thermostat for 65 degrees
  • Lock the apartment door
  • Turn in key

What if I don’t have anywhere to go? Can I stay in my on-campus housing?
No student will be left without a place to live. We know that for some, moving is not an option. If you are not able to move out, select "I cannot move out due to special circumstances" on the move-out form, and provide a brief explanation of your situation. These petitions will remain confidential and be reviewed with great care. Students who remain in MCAD Housing may be asked to move to a different unit.

I have already left campus. How should I handle moving out of my room?
If you are able to return to campus before April 1 to remove your belongings, we ask that you do so. 

If you cannot return to campus before this date for any reason, we will take care of your belongings as long as necessary. You will need to contact Housing to let them know of your plans.

What services will be available to students remaining on campus?
There are few resources available to residents who remain on campus. The Learning Center and mental health counseling is available virtually. Public Safety and Facilities will be available. Resident Assistants will be on campus for on-campus residents. All other departments are available via email. 

The weekend van trips to the Quarry shopping mall are canceled for the rest of the semester. Maintenance requests will be responded to on an as-needed basis. Maintenance requests should be submitted via email to After hours urgent issues should be reported to Public Safety.

Will my housing be refunded?
Yes, MCAD will refund prorated remaining balances on all prepaid student accounts including housing. Housing refunds are for those who elected to move off-campus.

Can I still request summer storage space?
MCAD has a limited amount of storage space available at no charge and is restricted to current residents who have an out-of-town permanent address. Availability is first-come-first-served. These spaces are small (approximately 3 feet wide x 5 feet deep x 8 feet high) and must be shared by two people. The space will not accommodate furniture. To request a storage space, email

Student Finances

Student Refunds

How will I receive my prorated refunds?
Any credit balances will be transferred to your tuition account. Any remaining credit balances on your tuition account, after netting the credit balance against outstanding tuition and fees, will be refunded to the student by direct deposit. You must enroll in Direct Deposit via MAXPay.

To Enroll in Direct Deposit:  

  1. Login to your myMCAD Student Dashboard and click, Launch MAXPay.
  2. From the MAXPay main page, locate the box in the middle of the page labeled "Sign up for direct deposit refunds!" and click "Sign up."
  3. From the sidebar menu, agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking, "I agree" and click "Continue."
  4. Select, "New bank account information" or choose an existing stored bank account from the dropdown menu.

I have money remaining in my Art Cellar Account and/or meal plan. Can I be refunded for this?
Yes, MCAD will refund prorated remaining balances on all prepaid student accounts including:

  • Housing
  • Student Activity Fees 
  • Classroom Materials
  • Art Cellar
  • Meal Plans
  • PaperCut accounts
    For those remaining in a degree program at MCAD, your funds will automatically carry over to the fall semester. If you are graduating in May or simply need the extra money right now, contact the Service Bureau ( and they will gladly issue you a refund check.

Will I be refunded for tuition and mandatory fees?
Refunds on tuition are not possible as tuition supports faculty, the delivery of instruction, and the technology faculty and staff use to support students in earning credits.  

The financial resources from spring 2020 tuition have allowed us to pay all scheduled work study and graduate assistant contracts for the remainder of the semester, and pay our hourly staff through the end of the academic year. Our faculty continue to teach and provide guidance. Staff and faculty are still supporting students, many working overtime hours to continue daily operations. 

MCAD refunded approximately $220,000 to students for housing, student activity fees, and other prepayments. If students did not receive a valid refund, please contact Student Affairs or Student Accounts as soon as possible.

Supplies and Materials

What resources are available if I can't afford supplies?
The MCAD Emergency Student Assistance Fund helps students with emergency needs such as temporary housing, space to self-quarantine, food supplies, transportation, mental health support, and other essentials. To apply for assistance, please fill out the request form

Students will also be receiving funds from the CARES Act Fund Impact for MCAD. MCAD will receive approximately $800,000 from the recently passed stimulus bill. Fifty percent of these funds will go directly to students, with the rest going towards institutional costs associated with significant changes to the delivery of instruction due to COVID-19. More information on the CARES Act Fund will follow.


Admitted Students

Will MCAD still host an Admitted Student Day for admitted undergraduate and master of fine arts students?
Yes, MCAD will host a virtual admitted student day for admitted undergraduates and MFA students. Information can be found online at

Is MCAD granting any deadline extensions for Admitted Students?
Yes, we are extending the fall semester deposit deadline by one month. Deposits for tuition and housing commitments are now due by June 1. 

I received my acceptance letter, but I can’t attend MCAD for the semester I applied to. Can I defer my admission or take a gap year?
MCAD can defer your admission for up to one year. This means you will not need to reapply to the school if you wish to take time off. In general, deferral requests are discouraged. Please reach out to your admissions counselor by contacting with specific questions about the process. 

Continuing Education

Can I still apply for Pre-College Summer Session?
Yes, now is a great time to work on your application for the Pre-College Summer Session. As of now, we plan to host PCSS as scheduled. The priority application deadline is April 20, however applications are accepted as long as space is available. A decision about whether or not the Pre-College Summer Session will occur will be made in early June.

Will CE still offer Summer Youth Programming?
CE plans to offer Summer Youth Programming. However, on-campus classes through July 3 will be moved to a remote format. A decision about classes starting after July 3 will be made in early June. If classes are moved to a remote format, families may elect to stay in the class; withdraw for a full refund; or withdraw and donate a portion or all of their refund to MCAD's Emergency Fund.

Is CE offering Summer adult classes?
Yes, a full range of remote format CE classes will be offered this summer. Registration opens May 1. At this time, on-campus CE classes are not planned. Decisions about on-campus classes scheduled for the later half of the summer will be made in early June.

Will the Figure Drawing Co-op take place this summer?
The Figure Drawing Co-op has been canceled for the summer.



How do I prepare for remote working?
You need to work with your supervisor to establish what is expected of you. The following links will allow you to connect remotely with the MCAD community: 

Will there still be employees working on-campus?
Essential employees will be on-campus as needed, staggering schedules as much as possible to maintain social distancing. 

What if I need to take time off?
If you need to request vacation or sick time, please use submit time-off requests as usual. 

All full-time and part-time, benefit-eligible employees will soon receive a balance of Emergency Sick Time equivalent of up to twelve (12) days of their regularly scheduled hours, prorated by each person’s schedule. This balance will be available through July 31, 2020, or whenever the President and Board of Trustees declare that MCAD is resuming normal operations. This declaration could come earlier or later than July 31, 2020. Employees will continue to also accrue Earned Sick and Safe Time as normal. All employees must use their available balances of sick and safe time for their scheduled hours prior to using Emergency Sick Time. 

What if I do not feel well and am experiencing flu symptoms?
Virtuwell, which is part of MCAD’s HealthPartners benefits, have launched a FREE online assessment for COVID-19 to help you determine if you should seek care or not. Anyone can do the assessment, even if you are not currently covered by HealthPartners benefits.


How do I prepare for remote teaching?
Please look to your department chair for specific instructions and review the Academic Continuity Checklist.

Should I change my office hours?
Faculty should continue to hold their scheduled office hours. If you must change your office hours, make sure to inform your students by email, a Blackboard or Canvas announcement, and update your syllabus to reflect the change. Remind students of your availability often, and how they can contact you. You are not required to share your personal phone number.

Can I still come to campus for materials and resources?
During the week of March 23, most resources will be open for faculty only, with limited hours. Beginning March 31, campus will be closed to all, including faculty. 

I don’t have a device suitable for remote teaching. What do I do?
If you are certain you do not have a device that will allow you to do the work described in the Academic Continuity Checklist, please contact your department chair as soon as possible. Consult with the Help Desk if you are unsure. Laptop pickup will be Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00, through March 27 only. 

What do I do if my internet connection isn’t reliable?
For a list of internet providers and wireless carriers making accommodations to help people deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, check out Internet Service Providers for Remote Learning on MCAD’s Knowledge Base.

How do I address students that might be located in a different time zone?
You can use this time zone converter to determine when synchronous classes take place in your respective time zones.

Can I meet with a student off-site?
No. In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and adhere to CDC guidelines of social distancing, all teaching and learning should be conducted online. This helps promote the safety of all members of the MCAD community.

How do I use Google Hangouts Meet?
The MCAD Help Desk has put together a handy guide for using Google Hangouts Meet for remote conferencing. Check out Google Hangouts Meet for Remote Conferencing on MCAD's Knowledge Base.

I'm not feeling well. What should I do?
If you are ill, please contact your department chair or director to help identify substitutes for your courses. When possible, please provide a lesson plan to assist the substitute faculty to teach in your absence. Faculty should use sick leave for the hours of work that are missed.

Additionally, Virtuwell, which is part of MCAD’s HealthPartners benefits, has launched a FREE online assessment for COVID-19 to help you determine if you should seek care or not. Anyone can do the assessment, even if you are not currently covered by HealthPartners benefits.


Will all students be leaving campus?
All students who are able to are being asked to leave campus and will be reimbursed for housing for the remainder of the semester. Students with extenuating circumstances (such as students who face travel restrictions, unsafe alternative living situations, health issues, or other challenges) can petition to stay. We have already received many petitions and are open to more. 

How will this impact MCAD staff and faculty?
Staff and faculty are currently working and teaching from remotely.  Some essential staff members will remain working on campus until further notice. 

Can I still visit campus?
No, campus is closed for the remainder of the semester. 

How does MCAD make decisions like this?
The President and Vice Presidents at MCAD meet every day to discuss next steps. Decisions are made to align with CDC recommendations and local and national government directives. 

How can I stay updated?
The latest updates will always be posted on the website

How can I help?
Keep an eye on your inbox for ways to stay engaged. You can also give to the emergency student assistance fund


Communications and Decision-Making

What steps are you taking to communicate with students, faculty, and staff?
Our goal is to be as transparent, informative, and timely as we can. We continue to update students, faculty, and staff on recent decisions, new CDC or MN Department of Health recommendations, and updated processes via, live virtual forums (see below), and email summaries from President Sanjit Sethi. 

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