This is a full-time, benefits-eligible position as Master Electrician in our Facilities Maintenance Department, working 35 hours per week. We enjoy a dynamic, creative, and inclusive work environment. We offer a comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental and 403(b) retirement plans. After six months of service you will receive free MCAD tuition for yourself, your spouse and your dependent children, and your dependents may be eligible to receive reduced tuition at more than 600 colleges nation-wide. 

To apply for this position, e-mail your cover letter, resume, references and salary requirements to:

Primary Function

Overall responsibility for inspecting, planning, layout, installation, maintenance and repair of electrical and emergency systems. Other duties include troubleshooting, operation, maintenance and repair of HVAC & EMS and other mechanical and control equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Perform electrical work to code. Inspect, maintain and repair the existing College buildings wiring systems, electrical controls, panel boards, apparatus, and equipment. Plan for, layout, install, maintain and repair new controls, panel boards, apparatus and equipment from low voltage to 120/208 volt three phase, and 480 volt three phase power. Develop and maintain preventive maintenance programs and procedures that will minimally inhibit MCAD operations. Maintain and repair the standby generator. Respond to electrical failures on-site or if called at home.
  2. Troubleshoot, maintain and repair HVAC & EMS, boilers, and other mechanical and control equipment. Operate the EMS System to maximize energy savings and provide optimal zonal environmental comfort. Install, maintain and repair motors, pumps, valves, traps, radiators, pneumatic actuators, temperature controllers, VAV controllers, and related equipment. Troubleshoot, maintain and repair dormitory natural gas and electric appliances. Respond to on-duty emergency requests and after-hours call-ins.
  3. Develop estimates of costs to support requests for completion of electrical, mechanical and HVAC services, both in-house and with outside vendors. Formulate plans and specifications to be used in preparation of bids for acquiring services, contracts and items; coordinate special projects with outside contractors. Coordinate projects with department heads to ensure availability of areas and minimize hindrance to ongoing operations.
  4. As Master Electrician of record, also oversees two registered, unlicensed maintenance electricians.
  5. Determine materials and methods for jobs; assign work-study personnel; train, supervise, and assist with projects; organize transportation of tools, equipment and materials to job site; coordinate with other trades.
         (a) Submit purchase requisitions for all supplies and materials; coordinate and maintain inventory of tools, equipment, hardware, and materials in accordance with established schedules to ensure ready availability of supplies and equipment required.
         (b) Give out job assignments equitably and adjust schedules to maintain staffing levels; inspect and check quality and progress of assigned workers to ensure they are following appropriate procedures with an emphasis on safety; maintain and submit reports of all labor and materials utilized. Assist Maintenance Supervisor with personnel actions to include interviewing, hiring, evaluating, disciplining and recommending for termination personnel assigned to this area.
  6. Maintain awareness of budget expenditures; develop budget needs through facilities inspections and maintenance operations reviews.
  7. Other related duties as assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor. This listing of position duties/responsibilities is not necessarily inclusive for this position. Omission of specific duties does not preclude assignment of other duties. 

Working Conditions

Will be subject to being on-call; carry a cell phone and two-way radio; working with hazardous materials; schedule changes based on the needs of the College; work long hours to complete/perform scheduled or emergency functions and projects. Must be able to clearly relate instructions and directions. Will be called upon to discuss remodeling, repairs, new construction and other electrical/mechanical projects. 

Physical Requirements

Must be able to work from ladders, scaffolds, and roofs. Involves a great deal of walking. Required to work in confined spaces that may require extended periods of stooping, bending or kneeling, and standing for long periods. Must possess normal vision, hearing, and physical dexterity. Will be required to do own laboring which may involve heavyweights, considered manageable and safe; must be able to transport equipment, including carts which may carry 400 pounds. Required to work under adverse weather conditions and varying temperatures.


Education: High School graduate, or equivalent; and/or trade school certification

Experience: Four years experience in building and general electrical maintenance. Experience operating and maintaining HVAC/mechanical systems, desired. 

Skills: Ability to prioritize, troubleshoot, diagnose and repair equipment in all campus buildings.

Requirements: MN Class A Master Electrician license.

Other: As a condition of employment, applicants will be required to undergo a background check. Applicants will also be required to undergo a Kari Koskinen Manager Background Check. Applicants must possess a valid Minnesota driver’s license, good record; and will also be required to undergo a Motor Vehicle DMB Check. At the discretion of the college, various background checks may be done during the course of employment.