Sunday, September 24, 2017, 3:00 p.m.4:30 p.m.
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This annual fashion show is part of the Mechademia Conference on Asian Popular Cultures and takes place on the tail end of Fashion Week MN.

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Full Fashion Panic takes place annually on the third day of Mechademia, an academic conference dedicated to the understanding of manga and anime. We are excited to share that this year's event is directed by Season 16 Project Runway contestant Samantha Rei.

The mission of this fashion show is to visually explore the connections between anime/manga/pop culture and fashion and to introduce alternative, indie, and up-and-coming designers to the community and fashion industry. This is a showcase of street fashion capsule collections inspired by Japanese street styles.

This year, designers have been asked to dress a world they create around the theme of “Science Fiction.”


2017 Designers

Kina Vang graduated from the apparel design program at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Vang envisions a future where she can one day become an influential figure in the fashion industry with her designs. Over time, she seeks to traverse the world and capture the essences of various cultures to broaden her scope of fashion and inspire future works.

Sinéad is recognized by her peers for her appreciation of bold prints, unabashed love of color, and over-the-top style she utilizes in her designs and day-to-day lifestyle. Raised in a household fueled by adventure and nourished by art, Kelly always dressed to the nines and decided to pursue her love of fashion through the study of apparel design. Armed with scissors and thread, she seeks to create size-inclusive looks for playful and daring people with vivacious attitudes and underlying confidence. Ultimately, she aims to create clothing that will spark joy in the wearer; an unfaltering aspiration that has held true since she first cut up Barbie’s ballgown.

Aaronn Richter is a menswear designer with a desire to push modern male fashion into new territories. Using elements of historical menswear, and techniques typically reserved for womenswear, Richter brings his own narrative to modern trends.

Julia has a distinctive style and view of fashion and looks at fashion as revolutionary. For Adamson, clothing should be a work of art in and of itself. Combining draping and flat patterning techniques, shapes, molding, and interesting silhouettes highlight her original concepts. The inspiration for these details comes from many different sources, but she is most inspired by the materials she works with: the texture of leather, the drape of wool, the shimmer of silk, and the illusions of sheers.