Northern Spark at MCAD
Northern Spark Official Website

Primary artist names: Various
Hours of project: All night
Location: Parking lot C/sculpture garden, East lawn, and Target Park

Have you always wanted to make art but couldn’t find the time? There are a dozen opportunities to learn from MCAD-affiliated artists in fifteen minutes or less.

MCAD students, faculty, staff, and alumni are hosting fifteen-minute low-tech art classes. Learn Japanese water calligraphy, bookbinding, cookie screen printing, paper creation, shadow puppets, mask making, stained glass, and more!

There will be three stations around the MCAD campus and four sessions per station over the course of the event. That means twelve different classes will be offered during the night. And if you find yourself waiting for a class to start, pick up a racket and play glow-in-the-dark badminton with your soon-to-be classmates.

Featuring the expertise of artists Christopher Alday, Diana Eicher, Renee Gresham, Scott Hocchalter, Shelby Lano, Nathan Lewis, Dennis Madamba, Lauren Manninen, Kris Musto, AnaLaura Juarez, Luisa Narhwold, Jen Riehm, Charissa Roby, Kate Thomas, and Caitlin Warner.


Featured Classes:

  • Bookbinding
  • Cookie Screenprinting with Frosting
  • Papermaking
  • Shadow Hand Puppets
  • Illuminated Image
  • Japanese Water Calligraphy
  • Draw Response
  • The Illustrated Rorschach Test
  • Origami Paper Magnets
  • Beauty in Brokenness—Stained Glass
  • Basics of Holding the Pen and Nib
  • Grotesque to Glamorous—Mask Making