Northern Spark at MCAD
Northern Spark Official Website

Primary artist names: Gary Batzloff, Vince Donarski, Shannon Estlund, Kelly Ludeking, Alissa McCourt, Scott Szarkowicz
Hours of project: All Night
Project location: MCAD Sculpture Garden

It’s a map, it’s a house . . . it’s a lot of new art populating the MCAD sculpture garden! Six alumni reshape projects to fit the campus theme of “déjà-vu.”

Encounter a topographic map, an uncanny house, an homage to Joan Miró, and more. Visitors will be able to share their premonitions in an interactive project that will flower in the future.

Established in 2011, the MCAD Sculpture Garden was 
developed in order to allow students to learn, experiment, and collaborate in the realm of public art. The garden is filled with both permanent and rotating works created by students, alumni, faculty members, and invited artists. Located on the south end of campus along 26th Street, the garden invigorates not only the MCAD campus, but also the Whittier neighborhood as a whole.