Northern Spark at MCAD
Northern Spark Official Website

Primary artist name: Andy DuCett
Hours of project: All night
Project location: Corridor Gallery, first floor, Main building

Reexperience the sounds and sensations of bubble wrap under your feet and popping balloons, fragments from Andy DuCett's installation why we do this.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary as bubble wrap and balloons take on a new dimension in the reinstallation of a fragment of Andy DuCett’s acclaimed 2012 Soap Factory exhibition why we do this. Embodied memories, collective experiences, primal sensations, and sounds collide as you make your way down this corridor of simple pleasures and plain fun.

Andy DuCett is from Winona, Minnesota, and received his MFA from the University of Illinois. He currently teaches at MCAD. His work has been shown around the country, and has been published in Artforum, New American Paintings, the Daily Beast, and Art Pulse Magazine.