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MCAD DesignWorks is the college’s in-house design studio that gives students client-based experiences in a professional creative environment. Designers are full-time students who develop solutions for both the college and outside organizations.

By working with MCAD students, clients get leading-edge solutions, and MCAD students in turn get experience that gives them an edge as they begin their professional careers. 


If you're a student interested in working or interning at DesignWorks, please walk in or email us. We hire designers, photographers and filmmakers, web designers and developers, and illustrators—interdisciplinary students welcome! 

At DesignWorks you’ll have the opportunity to work on multiple design projects and collaborate with your peers with the support of a full-time professional staff. We feel we provide students with the competitive edge they need to be successful in their careers after college.


Can I do my required MCAD internship with DesignWorks?

Yes. We can take one to two interns each semester depending on the space in our studio. Internships may not always be posted on the career services job board so stop by our studio or email if you’re interested in interning with us. 

What do you look for in a portfolio when hiring students?

We generally only hire junior, seniors, or MFA students because we are looking to see how you approach various design challenges and that you’re comfortable using the software required to create your work. We love seeing your physical work (i.e. printed publications, posters, etc.). We want to see more than just your talent. We want to see how you apply that talent. Your portfolio does not to be extensive but should demonstrate craft on levels whether it is just setting type or it is a logo you created for a hypothetical company. Collaboration is always great to see as well. 

2501 Stevens Ave, Room 222 
Minneapolis, MN 55404