Dave Novak
BFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
MA, Ohio State University

Dave Novak, whose animation work has been featured in landmark productions such as Crash Dummies and Rolie Polie Olie, began his professional computer graphics career at Cranston Csuri Productions in 1986 while attending graduate school at Ohio States University's famed Computer Graphics Research Group. He remained at Cranston, one of the first leading CG studios, until its demise in 1987.

Returning to his home in Minnesota, he joined Lamb & Company as an animation director. In 1991 he helped create Lamb & Company's long-format division. It was soon awarded Crash Dummies, the first half-hour computer generated TV show. In 1993, he helped found Windlight Studios where he received an Emmy certificate of honor for his work on the Rolie Polie Olie animated series. After Windlight was purchased by Nelvana, Novak joined Crash & Sues, one of the nation's most respected and accomplished post-production facilities, working as an animation director in their visual effects department.