Julie Risser
Adjunct Faculty
PhD, University of Iowa
MA, Indiana University
BA, Carleton College

Julie Risser is a higher education and museum professional with expertise in Pacific cultures as well as renewable energy and climate change issues.

She has conducted field research in Asmat, Papua, Indonesia, as well as Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa, and Florence, Italy. Her current focus is on small-scale architectural designs that integrate solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies. As the director of the American Museum of Asmat Art, she traveled regularly to the Asmat region in South East Asia to work with and commission sculpture and weavings from Asmat artists. In Burkina Faso she studied earth-based architecture, particularly mosques and houses. Her field research in Florence focused on 15th century tombs and burial chapels. Dr. Risser has also used infra-red reflectography to detect carbon-based underdrawings in paintings.