Senior, Filmmaking
Filmmaking Senior Merit Scholarship $4,000
Online Portfolio

Briefly describe the pieces you submitted for merits.

Herb & I tells the story of a girl who is in love with an object, her electric fan. There are actually people existing who fall in love with objects and it has always fascinated me. A lot of people laugh at them, but I always believe all kinds of love and sexuality should be accepted if no one is getting harmed. Therefore the film deals in some way with the character wanting to be respected, but ultimately it is a story about love.

What does winning a Merit Scholarship mean for your education?

It means a lot to me to see MCAD recognizing my work and I see it as a big support while I'm preparing my senior project.

Why did you decide to come to MCAD?

I wanted to study film, but a lot of schools have a primarily technical approach to their film major. I felt an art college would approach film more as an art form. Having students from several other art majors around you is big plus, because in my opinion film is a combination of all kinds of art. That is why I love film so much.

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