Interactive graph by Rebecca Albert
Interactive graph by Rebecca Albert

Sophomore, Entrepreneurial Studies
Entrepreneurial Studies/Advertising Merit Scholarship $2,000
Online Portfolio

How are you going to celebrate your win?

A night in with friends, some good food, and a therapeutic binge of The Office.

What kind of work are you excited to make next?

I am excited to continue exploring new mediums and discover how I can apply them to my professional practice as well as my personal interests. More specifically, I am excited to be getting back into my love for painting while I can continue playing in the digital realm with graphic design and programming.

What made you choose to come to MCAD?

I was immediately drawn to the integration of art and business that the entrepreneurial studies program offered. But above all, I wanted to be surrounded by a creative community with like-minded people; where I could test out new ideas knowing I had the support from those around me to do so.

Favorite thing about college life (so far)?

Having half of my friend group within a brisk two-minute walk away at any time. And the boundless opportunity to explore new ideas and learn about new concepts without the added pressures of the adult world.

What are your hopes and goals as you continue your education at MCAD?

Right now I'm focused on gathering as much experience as possible so I can work somewhere that I can feel good about and be excited for something new and creative each day. I can dream, right?

Best thing you ever got on the free shelf?

I found a pretty nice pair of boots that someone offered up. Moving to Minnesota has definitely shifted the definition of what constitutes a quality pair of boots.

Current obsession?

Getting to bed before midnight.