The Winning 2018 Self-Portraits
The Winning 2018 Self-Portraits

The call: create a self-portrait using any medium on a 12x16" Masonite board. Up for grabs: $400 in cash prizes.

The annual MCAD Self-Portrait Competition marks the start of spring (well, usually) and an opportunity for some fun self-expression before the chaos of finals begins. Cash prizes range from $50 for Honorable Mention to $100 for Best in Show.

Scroll down to see this year's winning self-portraits, and stop by MCAD's College Center now through early May to see all of the captivating portraits on display.

Tamar Patterson

Best in Show: Tamar Patterson

“My self-portrait wasn't really planned. I was messing around in the black studio one night because I wanted to get experience using lighting. I had heard about the contest and figured if I got a good picture of myself, I would use it as an entry. Fortunately, I did! Photography is the only medium that I am really experienced and confident in. I chose that specific photo because it was very simple, dramatic, and was kind of giving me Nefertiti vibes.”

Emily Wilde

Best in Show: Emily Wilde

“The story behind my self-portrait is one of self-acceptance and self-love. Growing up, I used to hate looking at photos of myself. I hated what I saw, and didn’t want to be confronted with this image that I viewed as ugly. Since coming to MCAD, I have learned to find self-acceptance and beauty in myself, so that’s what I wanted to focus on in this piece. Yes, fat girls can be stunning! We are beautiful and deserve just as much attention as others do. I wanted to show an actual fat girl (me) in an almost religious context with the golden halo, to marry the idea of classical beauty standards and today’s standards.”

Daniel Ellis

Honorable Mention: Daniel Ellis

“I guess the best way to describe the story behind my self-portrait is that I love cubism, especially in all aspects of my art. The vivid colors are something I like using to portray mood.”

Britt Madson

Honorable Mention: Britt Madson

“I've always been a goofy person and I try to not take myself too seriously, something that I think comes out in my art. I also have a deep obsession with cheeseburgers and painting them . . . and also eating them.  I'm not joking when I say I'm obsessed. When I was six I cried in a McDonald's because it was breakfast and I couldn't order a cheeseburger. So I guess that it was only natural for my portrait to celebrate my everlasting love of those beautiful sandwiches we call cheeseburgers.”

Taylor Guntharp

Honorable Mention: Taylor Guntharp

“My grandparents have had this tiny obese dog that, for the better half of a decade, we weren’t quite sure how old she was or even what her breed was because my grandpa picked her up at a gas station on his way back from a visit. She’s so unique, wheezing and waddled, the whole shebang. Her name is Prissy and I miss her a lot. Since coming to college I’ve done my share of sketches of her. Paying this odd form of homage to her has been a way to comfort the Prissy-sized hole in my homesick heart.”

Kam White

Honorable Mention: Kam White

“The self-portrait is a panel from a comic story I did titled Out of the Box. The story focuses on me as a Black trans man coming to terms with how I represent myself and how others perceive me, especially worrying about my own community. I wanted to show anxiety and self-doubt.”