Close up page from Lazer Comics
Close up page from Lazer Comics

Every April, MCAD hosts their annual Comics Expo: TWICE.

TWICE is a two-day event during which MCAD comic art majors and local publishing companies gather and sell their art to others. This is a great opportunity for emerging comic artists to gain exposure and sell their work to art lovers in the Twin Cities. While it might be small in comparison to other conventions, the approachable nature of the event provides a welcoming community to both new and returning attendees.

Crowd Twice

All of the artists tabling at the event were constantly talking with visitors and other artists. Fellow students were excited to see what the artists were selling as TWICE also acted as a showcase of what they had been working on this year.

As I perused the tables, I had the opportunity to ask a local publishing company and some MCAD comic art majors for their thoughts on the event and what they were selling.

Uncivilized books

My first stop was veteran TWICE participants Uncivilized Books. When asked about the event they said, “Our favorite part is being able to see all the new artwork by students—maybe even see the work the day after they make it. We view it as being part of the community and we enjoy being here with all the future comic artists.”

Molly Jurewicz

I moved on to Molly Jurewicz, who said, “This is my first time at TWICE and its really nice so far. I’m selling some stickers and some booklets of my comics.” 

James, aka Goblin Mouth, enjoyed the fact that TWICE was a smaller event. “It’s a lot more casual of an event since you kind of know all the people coming through. My favorite part about tabling is just talking to people and seeing people who are excited about the same things I’m excited about.”

Delta's Table

Delta Keating, who will be graduating this spring, is no stranger to TWICE. “I have been working the spring convention for three years now and my favorite part is seeing how people grow over their time here—learning how to better self-publish their work and present themselves and just seeing more individual creative endeavors rather than big mainstream stuff.”

Harry Gao

Newcomer Harry Gao seemed to be enjoying his time at the event, stating, “This is my first time at the MCAD convention and it has a very friendly vibe.” 

Anthony Marconi described his experience as “a great learning environment for gaining some experience tabling at an event.”

My last stop was with Kaitlin Bartlett, who said, “It’s great to be able to put out some of my art for everyone to see.” 

Crowd Twice 2

It was a constant bustle of people mingling and overall having a great time. It’s safe to say no one left empty-handed!