Slackline Club
Slackline Club

At MCAD you'll find there's a club for every student and every interest.

Students scope out and contemplate joining a variety of MCAD clubs


This past Tuesday students gathered on MCAD's lawn for our annual Club Fair and Welcome Back Lunch. This event allows new and returning students to scope out the vast array of organized groups they can become a part of during the upcoming year. And, of course, there's free food.

On the sunny, 84-degree day, sign-up sheets, flyers, and laptops could be seen sprinkled atop rows of tables while hordes of students traveled from one club to the next. Club leaders sat behind their tables eagerly explaining what their group was about, what kinds of students were involved, and when they hold gatherings.


The Slackline Club demonstrating what they do best


A sampling of this year's clubs:

  • 80s Workout Club
  • American Horror Story Club
  • The Breakfast Club
  • MCAD Basketball Association
  • Culinary Club
  • The People's Library
  • Cosplay Club
  • Green Club
  • Slackline Club
  • Random Dance Club
  • The Final Frontier (Star Trek Club)
  • Prayer Group
  • Meditation Homework Club
  • Parkour/Freerunning Club
  • Queer Club
  • Animal Crossing Club
  • KPOP Club
  • Podcast Club
  • Black Artists Student Union




Joining a club is a great way to meet new people, discover new interests, and just get a break from school and homework. Whether you're into TV, food, sports, religion, the environment, getting a jump-start on your career, or whatever, there's probably a club here for you. And if there's not, it's really easy to start your own!


College students know to take advantage of free food


Meditation and Homework Club—destress and open your mind up to creativity




The Knotty Club—a fibers club for knitters, crocheters, embroiderers, and more