Continuing Education instructor Lindsay in her Illustrated Typography class
Continuing Education instructor Lindsay in her Illustrated Typography class

“Be bold in all of your endeavors, work hard at crafting the reality you want, and never be afraid to take the next step!”

What do you find rewarding about teaching adult Continuing Education students?

Lindsay Nohl: Continuing Education students are always a blast to work with because they're always so excited, motivated, and willing to try new things. Often people come with a thirst to expand their horizons and are open to seeing what kinds of new opportunities (both playful and professional) are out there with the new medium or topic they're exploring. Teaching for the program gives me a chance to be in a room with like-minded people where we can all obsess over the things we love together as a group. I love hearing about the students' many different backgrounds as well. It's always a great atmosphere for collaborative conversation!


Lindsay teaching Continuing Education students


What is your favorite moment or experience while teaching?

Lindsay: My favorite part about teaching is watching people realize their own potential after trying a new technique or after a talk about expanding one's creative business. Often I'll discuss new strategies during our studio time while people are working—for example, I'll discuss how art licensing can assist growing your brand as an artist, or how visiting industry conferences and trade shows can reveal a lot about how to market your work to your audience. While we're working and you can see the "aha!" moment with students as they realize that there are a ton of opportunities out there to be seen and to grow their practice. I always enjoy the big, robust conversations that come from all of the things that are possible!


What is the learning environment like at MCAD?

Lindsay: One of the things I love most about MCAD is the mixture of community support, creative challenges, and honest discussion coming from the working artists and designers that contribute to the culture. The people at MCAD all have a passion for life-long learning and many professionals have come back as continuing education instructors or adjunct faculty, staff, or support as a way to give back to the great creative community that may have fueled their initial interest in art and design. I always feel like I'm in good company when I'm in the classroom and the enthusiasm to try hard, have fun and explore new possibilities is infectious. I've been teaching for nearly twelve years at MCAD (after having received my BFA here) and my love for the atmosphere here has kept me steadily in orbit.



“Classes at MCAD have been a really rewarding way to reenergize creatively, find new inspiration, and keep learning new skills."

Continuing Education student Haley


What is your day job?

Haley Crain: I am an in-house graphic designer at the Aveda corporate headquarters in Blaine. I work on our marketing collateral for launches, and I also work on packaging.


What is the most rewarding aspect of taking classes at MCAD?

Haley: It’s wonderful to have a dedicated time and reason to work on creative projects outside of my job. After you’re done with school, you put so much energy into your job that your individual creative interests can start to slide if you don’t make time for them. Classes at MCAD have been a really rewarding way to reenergize creatively, find new inspiration, and keep learning new skills.


What would you tell a friend about your experiences in your MCAD classes?

Haley: I would tell a friend that I’ve learned a lot beyond what I expected to get out of the classes. Lindsay, who has taught both of the classes I’ve taken, really makes the most of class time—she packs in a ton of information in a way that’s easy to follow, and we always have good studio time too. It’s not just lecture time or just silent studio time—it feels like I’m getting the most out of it every time I go.


What is your favorite technique/medium/subject?

Haley: My favorite medium to work with is just black pen, or ink with different brushes. Sometimes watercolor or gouache. I do a lot of cartoons and hand lettering, so I like to find the simplest way to represent an idea or a joke.


Illustrated Typography created in Lindsay Nohl's Continuing Education course


Where do you go/what do you look at for inspiration?

Haley: I like both reading and writing. I keep up with lots of blogs, Twitter, Pinterest. I have really enjoyed the Walker and Mia since moving to Minneapolis too.


What is one piece of advice you would give to a friend who is just learning to draw, paint, sculpt, etc.?

Haley: Get off the computer, stand up, move around, use new materials—work outside your comfort zone. And don’t be afraid to share or discuss your work, even if it’s not perfect.



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