Instructor Wieben and student Landry
Instructor Wieben and student Landry

Sarah Wieben
Continuing Education Instructor: Drawing and Painting
BFA Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Tell us a story about the first time you picked up a paintbrush.

When I lived in Moscow, my fiancé and I would visit fellow artists in their studios and once, I was invited to paint. I had never painted before and had no idea what to do, but I loved it!

Describe your studio space.

It is sparse and full at the same time. I love poetry, so I write it on my studio walls to have it near me all the time. I hate clutter, but I want my favorite things in there, so I find little corners for them to co-exist with my work.


Wieben with a painting student

What other creative outlets do you have?

I cook and bake and love to make food for people. Currently, I am working my way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I use a lot of cooking analogies while I teach, like “The paint should be a gravy-like consistency.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your teaching in MCAD Continuing Education?

If I had to choose one, I would say it is that I feel I have a genuine and positive impact on another person’s life by helping them learn.

What do you think is unique about painting classes at MCAD?

Painting classes at MCAD are of a very high caliber. I take the learning process very seriously and am devoted to my students, while at the same time ensuring a fun environment.


Continuing education student Landry

Linda Landry
Continuing Education Student


What is your day job?

I am an architect in a local office for a top twenty national design firm.

What excites you most about painting?

The process of learning how to paint excites me the most. I also enjoy the camaraderie with the other students and the process and approach they take. It always astounds me at how different everyone’s style is, even in beginning painting.

Where do you go or what do you look at for inspiration?

I am definitely inspired most by visiting art museums. I strongly feel that local art museums tell a telling tale of the city they reside within. We are very lucky to have some of the best art museums in the country in Minneapolis.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a friend who is just learning to draw or paint?

Don’t take the product of art making too seriously. Also, stay with painting and drawing for a while, so you can be comfortable enough to start experimenting with your own process. For me, I didn’t really start loving painting until I took my fourth class. Now, I can’t stop thinking about what I’ll do next.

What do you like best about Wieben’s instruction methods and/or teaching approach?

She creates an environment that is completely open and adaptable to everyone’s style and skill level. She is patient in her approach and always has a smile to share with you.

How would you describe the learning environment at MCAD? What keeps you coming back?  

I have taken many continuing education classes from Boston to Portland, but MCAD has been by far the most organized, friendly, and welcoming. I appreciate most the quality and consistency of service from MCAD, as well as MCAD’s striving to stay current with today’s trends.


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