Brad Berling ’99; Illustration by Michael Gaughan ’02
Brad Berling ’99; Illustration by Michael Gaughan ’02

Scholarship Recipient and Donor

For Brad Berling ’99, art director at Buddha Jones, a Hollywood agency that creates theatrical marketing and audiovisual campaigns, the challenge is always in the storytelling. “Each film has a different story and requires a different approach,” says Berling. “How we tell that story on a daily basis is exciting.”

A recently completed piece for The Man From U.N.C.L.E for Warner Bros. that debuted at Comic-Con is an excellent example. “A giant series of screens wrapped around a huge space in a conference hall with six thousand attendees,” says Berling. “The graphic piece was set up with a timeline, newspaper headlines, and historical photographs that animated across the hall to illustrate the Cold War and division of Berlin.” The presentation was subsequently adapted for online use and has been used for the audiovisual campaign, television spots, social media, and a music video.

“The foundation for the skills to create something like this all came from MCAD,” says Berling. “The upper-level design curriculum required that we study and recreate different graphic design movements, such as constructivism.” Animation and motion graphic courses also taught him the art of visual storytelling.

“My scholarship made a big difference on my career trajectory,” says Berling. Inspired by the support he received, Berling now gives back by funding a NOW Scholarship. “Without the experiences I received at MCAD, I don’t think I’d be as competitive in the market, nor would I have wound up where I am today.”