MCAD Donor Peter Seitz; Illustration by Michael Gaughan ’02
MCAD Donor Peter Seitz; Illustration by Michael Gaughan ’02

Peter Seitz Legacy Design Scholarship Fund

For Peter Seitz, an endowed scholarship is a way to continue bolstering students after retiring from a thirty-year teaching career at MCAD in 2002. A German-born graphic designer, Seitz is responsible for bringing European Modernism to the North in the 1960s. He served as the first design director at the Walker Art Center before moving on to establish the graphic design curriculum at MCAD in 1971. Seitz instilled his students with the discipline of good design through his rigorous style of teaching. His business connections helped Seitz secure donations to set up an extensive computer laboratory at MCAD in the early ’80s.

Having received scholarship support himself while studying design in Ulm, Germany, and at Yale graduate school, Seitz had an understanding of students’ financial needs. “Teaching at MCAD allowed me to see the same issue, but from a teaching and administrative point of view,” says Seitz. Wanting to lift up aspiring young designers, Seitz, along with a gift from AIGA Minnesota, established the Peter Seitz Legacy Design Scholarship Fund at MCAD in 2008. “The scholarship is an acknowledgment of great performance in graphic design and allows the student to further his or her education,” says Seitz. “It felt good when students graduated, got a well-paying job, or went on to graduate school.”

“MCAD was half of my professional life and I greatly enjoyed my time in a department I helped to grow, which, in turn, helped me to grow,” reflects Seitz. “It was a good place to teach and be.”


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