Fields and Familiarity: MCAD Sculpture Student Exhibition at Vine Arts

A show comprising MCAD sculpture students and selected foundations works.

On the opening night of Fields and Familiarity, guests from all over Minnesota gathered at the Vine Arts Gallery to explore works by MCAD sculpture majors. The gallery was packed with attendees enjoying the variety the show had to offer. From metal, to soft sculpture, to wood and dirt, to cardboard, the show had something to interest everyone.

Alex Milbrath with sculpture

Alex Milbrath with his sculpture. Photo by Peyton Stark.

When asked about the event, sculpture student Alex Milbrath commented, “I would just say, big thank you to the MCAD sculpture faculty, especially Abbi Allan for setting up the space for us. The turn out for the opening is fantastic and it has been a great experience.” Alex's contribution to the show used natural materials, which he described as representing “disconnected connectivity; it is an extension of my current exploration into differing suspension techniques and primarily focused on the division or reintegration of nature and technology.”

Alex Milbrath's Sculpture close up

Close up of Alex Milbrath's sculpture. Photo by Peyton Stark.

Tom Bierlein, another MCAD sculpture major with art in the show, agreed that it was nice to see people enjoying the show and exploring the art.

Tom Bierlein's Sculpture

Close-up of Tom Bierlein's work. Photo by Peyton Stark.

Not only was Fields and Familiarity showcasing MCAD sculpture majors' works, it was also an opporutnity for Foundation-level students' work to be on display. These pieces were made by artists new to sculpture, who perhaps might not even become a sculpture major in the future. It was many artists' first time showcasing one of their sculptures in a gallery setting. Many people were pleasantly surprised by how creative and well crafted the Foundation-level work was.

This exhibition was a great opportunity to have the Foundation-level and advanced works side-by-side in one show to really encapsulate the breadth of sculpture work made at MCAD. 

Featured MCAD Students

  • Tom Bierlein
  • Eli deVries
  • Calvin Hafermann
  • Josie Hoffman
  • Chel Matson
  • Alex Millbrath
  • Zach North
  • Hillary Shepard

Photos by Tom Bierlein.