Full Fashion Panic Models
Full Fashion Panic Models

Meet five up-and-coming fashion designers who showcased their looks at Full Fashion Panic, part of the Mechademia Conference on Popular Asian Cultures.


A weekend full of gender, gaming, and fashion—MCAD’s Mechademia weekend was a success! Starting Friday night out with “Choosing your Character" with Brianna Wu to a day long of special events on Saturday leading to the Full Fashion Panic runway show on Sunday, which ended Minneapolis’s Fashion week with a bang!

Getting to go backstage of the show was just as exciting as it was watching. I had a chance to meet the host of the show and well-known fashion designer, Samantha Rei along with the 5 very talented designers. Each designer had a distinct style and it amazed me with how detailed each outfit was. After the fashion show was over, the eager audience got to do a Q & A with the designers!


Haus of Elle, Xee Vang, Tyler Vucinovich, Kayley Johnson, Salem’s Scissors, Samantha Rei


“This show started twelve years ago with outfits that were seen as costumes in a Japanese sense—street fashion and cosplay. In reality, there are a lot of people that dress in 'costumes' every day. It is clothing, not a costume. Now these outfits overall are regular mainstream fashion. There is a lot of subculture to identify a person’s tribe. There’s a desert between pushing the limits or going absurd.” –Samantha Rei


What looks were each of you going for?



Kayley Johnson (who was also modeling Haus of Elle!): A lot of mega armor, cyberpunk fashion, and mainstream fashion.



Xee Vang: Ready-to-wear, and really bright colors, mostly for the fall. I think all colors work for fall, not just “typical” fall colors. I like to follow Gazelle Fashion a lot.



Salem’s Scissors: Circuses are dying; there are not many left out there. People are forgetting the fun of different—with how technology is now, we’ve seen it all. Now it’s time to bring back the weird things that we do. I’m for taking the animals away, but there is still a lot of fun in there.


What were your inspirations? Do you follow trends?



Salem’s Scissors: I got inspiration from classic silhouettes and movement. I wanted my models to show movement within their characters. I do what I want for myself; going through life you have to know what you’re doing. I push away what I don’t like and go to the next thing. I definitely don’t go by the trends. It’s just whatever you want to do. There is no limit, my work is meant to inspire.



Tyler Vucinovich: Red light district women, who use their bodies to take pride and essentiate, like beetle’s wings because they’re tough. I like things that make people think and look twice. I design what you want to wear but never could because you felt like you couldn’t. In general, I like to travel a lot to get different perspectives and see different cultures. I listen to the trends but I don’t follow them.

Xee Vang: For this project I had an anime, Japanese inspiration. As a designer you need to be more open minded about styles. I never put a limit on myself. I’m always changing my designs and styles.



Haus of Elle: I don’t like limits but I do. I like to think about my surroundings and what’s going on.

Samantha Rei: Alternative fashion has lots of freaking rules! That’s why I like breaking rules because I don’t like people telling me what I should do.


Each designer had their own unique signature style that blew the audience away. These designers inspired me to take hold of what I want to do with my design work and go crazy with it! Push the limits of your work to the extreme!

I'm already looking forward to next year's show and what it will bring to MCAD.