Illustration Student Profile: Geonette Marie

Illustration major Geonette Marie’s work utilizes a variety of different mediums like watercolor, posca pens, and digital media while incorporating narrative elements to create whimsical illustrations. I reecently sat down with Marie to chat about her artistic process and her experiences as a part of the MCAD community.

Tell me a little about yourself and your artistic process.

I am both a digital and traditional illustrator, using watercolor, posca pens, and many other mediums. Though it’s hard to say, I’ve found that my artistic process is different between mediums I use. I do tend to follow a general ‘list’ starting with sketches, refining them, and then diving into the medium and how I’ve found they work best with my knowledge and abilities.

Posca Pen Illustration by Geonette Marie

Posca Pen Illustration by Geonette Marie

Do you have a favorite project from over the years?

Off the top of my head, one of my favorite pieces I have made so far at MCAD that I constantly feel proud of is my final project from my Illustrated Notebook class I took with Alison Nowak. The prompt was "my truth." Though I wasn't much of a fan for the prompt at the time, I tend to really appreciate vague prompts nowadays at MCAD. They feel more personal and free to express other interests or experiments that might not fit into other classroom prompts.

Watercolor by Geonette Marie

Watercolor illustration by Geonette Marie

I saw on your Instagram that you were featured with Raw Artists. How was your experience with that? What did you do to prepare for that event?

Last summer I was offered an amazing opportunity to be a part of Raw Artists and do a showcase. It was an eye-opening experience that really put me out of my comfort zone and put not only myself but my art out into the world. Not to mention, it pushed me to interact with potential clientele and made me learn by experience on how I need to engage and talk about my art.

Looking back on the prep months, I remember I tried to keep a checklist and as each day went on I would slowly check things off: either printing, supplies, or finishing artworks I created just for selling at the event. Though it was still a little hectic for it being my first show, having everything written down helped put things into perspectives for me to ultimately see what had more priority and what I could wait on getting done. And not to mention all the help I received from my peers and relatives.

Did you participate in the MCAD Art Sale? How was that experience for you?

I have participated in the Art Sale for the last two years, and have had very good experiences with it. Both years I sold and made a back the money it took to print and frame art pieces along with making a profit. Personally, I find the art sale a big help as well as a great opportunity for dipping your toes into the water and trying to start selling artwork. The art sale was my first time selling my art in a different atmosphere that felt more professional and more real. It built up my confidence and knowledge on small factors, like how to price works.

Whale shark illustration by geonette marie

Digital illustration by Geonette Marie

As a third-year student do you think that MCAD is preparing you for the future career world for your field of study?

As of right now, I haven’t taken professional practice so I feel a little unprepared for the world ahead of me outside of MCAD in the professional aspect. Though I do believe with the specified illustrations classes MCAD has to offer. along with its many electives, I have retained a lot of useful knowledge on different styles, mediums, techniques, tools, and much more to help my art and myself for the better and what I choose to do when I graduate.