Bryan Lincecum in his studio
Bryan Lincecum in his studio

Product design major Bryan Lincecum, a sophomore at MCAD, spent last summer interning at Electronic Theater Controls.

While MCAD Career Development offers opportunities for students to find internships and other professional experiences, it was through Bryan’s own initiative that he was able to secure an internship at ETC working on lighting and graphic design.

What kind of work did you do at Electronic Theater Controls (ETC)?

I ended up working with the industrial design team, which was nice since it was closely related to my major, product design. I was able to work with industrial designers who were working in this specific field of lighting and see the different techniques they had for creating design sketches for their products. It was a lot of 3D printing and CAD modeling.

The company works with stage lighting, but I mostly worked with architectural lighting and how you control the lighting in a space. My job was designing the interface that the panel of lighting controls is operated from. It was good because user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design were different areas of product design that I hadn't looked into before.

Bryan's Concept For Camera

Concept sketch of a camera by Bryan

What was the internship experience like?

The team was really helpful in giving me resources and advice since they knew I was a student. My desk always had this massive stack of Design Quarterly magazines and books on how to draw in 3D perspective and design theory. It was also nice to work with the team because I was able to see how they went about being approached for projects and different products. When I first started, ETC had just acquired a smaller company and they were in the process of integrating some of that company's products into their own line and finding a balance between two different brands.

How did you find the internship? Did MCAD Career Development help?

I found out about the internship through people I know outside of MCAD; however, I think in the future when I look for more internships MCAD will definitely help with that through the fairs and faculty connections. I am definitely planning on finding more internships because it is such a good way to learn. For me, personally, the best way to learn about product design is by working with other product designers.

How do you like the product design major so far?

I'm not that far into the major yet, but in conjunction with the Intro to Product Design class I am taking many classes in furniture design and also the class Applied Arts and Design Objects, which is about the history of furniture and product design as well as graphic design and illustration and how they all intermingle and affect each other. What's great about the product design major is that I can apply it to any classes I'm interested in, so for example, I want to get into a screenprinting class to be able to screenprint my own patterns on a fabric which would be really helpful for soft product design and textile work.

Concept Sketch for Bag

Bag concept sketches by Bryan

Bryan's Bag

Bag by Bryan

Any advice for students looking into product design?

My advice for any aspiring product design majors would have to be to take as many classes as you can in various fields because they all work really well together.