MCAD Alumni Illustrate Powerful Book in Wake of Haiti Earthquake
MCAD Alumni Illustrate Powerful Book in Wake of Haiti Earthquake

Non-profit group Headwaters Relief Organization has teamed up with members of the MCAD community to create a book educating the children of Haiti on earthquake safety.

When Haiti Shakes strives to teach children what to do in the case of an earthquake. The book was inspired by Haiti’s most recent major earthquake when many children sought shelter and were killed in building collapses.

The MCAD team who were involved in the project include faculty member Dennis Lo, Kelsey King ’13, and Joslyn Schmitt ’13. These artists collaborated with a high school-aged intern who worked on writing the book and creating illustrations. All four of the artists made their own distinct illustrations, which were then enhanced and colorized by Lo in order for the different styles to mesh together for the final copy of the book. The artists also collaborated on the book-binding of the final product.

Rebecca Thomley, founder of Headwaters Relief, was delighted with the collaboration. “The MCAD artists were so gracious and they welcomed and mentored Ava, the young artist. They all worked together on the project and while the individual art was certainly their own, they blended their styles so that it all flowed together and helped create an amazing book.”

With Headwaters being a non-profit, the book will not be sold, but will instead be donated to the children of Haiti. The book was funded by a donation to Headwaters by Orion Associates, a management firm committed to working with companies with high ethical and social standards.

Headwaters took the book with them on their most recent trip to Haiti in April. They currently work with four orphanages and two schools in Haiti, distributing their book to them, along with providing the children with food, school supplies, and mental health support.

In addition to continuing their relief efforts in Haiti, Headwaters is working on crafting a second book geared toward helping children in the Philippines cope with disaster.

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