MCAD students at the Afton Apple Orchard
MCAD students at the Afton Apple Orchard

On Saturday, September 28, the students gathered into MCAD's big passenger vans to go on a trip to the Afton Apple Orchard as a fun fall festivity that MCAD takes every year.

This annual activity is great way to escape city life, take a trip through the fields, and get out under the open skies. With blue skies and the temperature staying at a comfortable sixty-five degrees, students were able to dress right on theme for the fall weatherThe Berry Fields

Upon arriving at the Afton Apple Orchard, everyone was thrilled to see hayrides, playgrounds, the petting zoo, and of course miles and miles of apple trees and berry bushes. There was even some lovely live music played on a banjo and a fiddle. Sounds of laughter and delight filled the entire orchard as everyone around was enjoying the great fruit and activities. 
Fiddle and Banjo

The first stop for everyone seemed to be the large fields of raspberry bushes ripe for the picking. It was a new experience for many as they had never picked their own fruit before and were able to eat it fresh off the bush. Every berry was incredibly sweet and delicious. 
Jenna picking Berries

After filling a few crates of berries, the students migrated to the hayrides which would take them down to where the apple trees began. The Afton Apple Orchard has a wide variety of different apples such as Paula red, Honeycrisp, Spartan, Zestar, McIntosh, and many others. The overall favorite—according to the students—were the Kindercrisp apples. They are a smaller red apple that looks picture perfect when you pick them. They even all have one small green leaf attached to the stem.
Kindercrisp apple

While not many students were looking to get pumpkins just yet, the fields were full of great looking ones and it was a lot of fun trying to find the largest one. 
Pumpkin Fields

Aside from all the fun that came from handpicking fruit, the Afton Apple Orchard also had a large variety of “your face here” standees that the students had lots of fun posing with. 
Hannah and Kam

After a long day of wandering the fields and filling up on fruit and cider, the students piled back into the vans for the long trip back to campus.