2017 Orientation Crew
2017 Orientation Crew

Space geckos, beaded socks, and bad candy. Meet the crew that is welcoming new students to campus this weekend!

Ben August, Photography Major

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?

Teleportation and both.

Ryan Bloomingdale, Filmmaking Major

What childhood fad is most ripe for a reboot?

Wonderballs. I miss those things.

Ching Thao, Animation Major

What XGAME event would you most do the best in?

Oh boy! I can only pedal a bike!

Ingrid Jorgensen, Comic Art Major

Where's the best place to eat walking distance from MCAD?

Black Sheep Pizza or Glam Doll Donuts.

Kassi Ferry, Graphic Design Major

Define MCAD in one word.


Colin Travis, Web and Multimedia Environments Major

If you had a superpower, what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?

Never needing to sleep. The benefits of this power are essentially limitless, but first and foremost, I'd use it to catch up on Game of Thrones.

Dan Ploof, Advertising Major

What is your insider tip for new students?

Get a bike!!!

Chapman, Drawing and Painting Major

If you could send one animal on a trip to the moon, what animal would it be and why?

I would send a gecko to space. I feel they would do good work. What kind of work? I don't know but it would be done well. 

Hannah, Drawing and Painting Major

What childhood fad is most ripe for a reboot?

Those socks with all the beads sewn into them.
Beaded socks trend making a comeback

Kam White, Comic Art Major

What would be the best alternative use for the Vikings Stadium?

Make it a huge waterpark.

Bec Matos, Undeclared

What XGAME event would you do the best in?

Street luge-ing seems like so much fun? And I'm great at laying down.

Larry Phiravanh, Web and Multimedia Major

Invent a breakfast cereal. Include a description of packaging/mascot if so inspired.

Cookies and cream-based cereal with a hint of cinnamon. Mascots would be a cow and a zebra duo. 

Kathryn Peterson, Animation Major

If you could swap one facial feature with a cartoon character's, what feature it be, and what character?

Spongebob's eyelashes—he can grow them super fast and knit them into sweaters.

Kelsey Maher, Animation Major

What is your summer jam?

Literal sound of silence.

James Paul, Furniture Design Major

In your opinion, what movie is most underrated? 

The movie that is most underrated is Easy A.

Rae Bostic, Animation Major

How did you lose your first tooth? 

Someone kicked me in the face on accident under the monkey bars in third grade.

Tara Reynolds, Animation Major

What are some insider tips for new students?

This experience is yours! Don't let other people or things get in the way of it. The opinions of teachers and classmates are NOT the most important ones—it's yours. It's important to take the advice they give and try to utilize it to grow as an artist but, ultimately, the choice is yours. 

Shane Toomey, Photography Major

What's the color of your aura? Duuude?

Teal, my guy.

Logan Baxter, Advertising Major

In your opinion, what movie is most underrated?

21 Days Under the Sky 

Emma Konrad, Drawing and Painting Major

The worst candy is...

Malt Balls *gags*