Katie and Aaron Deyoe
Katie and Aaron Deyoe

They say art brings people together. And the proof is in these MCAD couples.

Names: Aaron and Katie DeYoe

Length of relationship: Eight years

How did you two meet/become a couple?

We chatted casually on and off while I (Aaron) was working in the Service Bureau. We had mutual friends and would see each other around a lot, but we were both in relationships at the time. It wasn't until shortly after our graduation in 2010 that we were both recently single and were hanging out with a group of friends together. We hit it off immediately and kept on dating.

Aaron, what was your first impression of Katie?

I had seen her artwork and had known that she got an award for it during our commencement ceremony, so I already knew she was very talented. Conversation came very easy like we already knew each other. We connected on the same level and I knew it was something crazy special. 

Katie, what was your first impression of Aaron?

We didn't really cross paths in school (he was in the MFA program, I, the BFA), but I did see him in the hallway once and thought this mystery boy was really dang cute! A gathering of mutual friends brought us together one night the week after graduation, and we started joking about the TV show Lost. His hilarious sense of humor caught my attention immediately, and it just felt like we had a really deep and natural connection, right off the bat.

Valentine's Day: love it or hate it?


Your ideal date would be . . .

We want to visit a decommissioned lighthouse. And we want to go to the top. And nobody knows we are there. And there's a button that we can press, and launch that lighthouse into space.