The Nelson Family
The Nelson Family

They say art brings people together. And the proof is in these MCAD couples.

Names: Katie and Mike Nelson

Length of relationship: Fifteen years (married for seven)

How did you two meet/become a couple?

We met through Mike's roommate when they were living in the 2540 building. One day when Mike worked up the courage to ask me out, he rang my doorbell and got my roommate who said I wasn't home. He thought he had missed his opportunity. Little did he know I was at MCAD looking for him. It wasn't until a month or two later that we actually began hanging out and then went on a date.

Katie, what was your first impression of Mike?

He had high energy, passion for filmmaking, and was a little dorky.

Mike, what was your first impression of Katie?

I saw Katie at orientation when the first-years were moving into the student apartments. I noticed her right away and thought, “this girl has something special.” She glowed!

Valentine's Day: love it or hate it?

On Valentine's Day we eat cake, so yes we love it.

Your ideal date would be . . .

Two weeks in Maui . . . just the two of us.