Heather and Keith Griffin
Heather and Keith Griffin

They say art brings people together. And the proof is in these MCAD couples.

Names: Keith Griffin and Heather Holland-Griffin

Length of relationship: Twenty-two years

How did you two meet/become a couple?

We met in orientation and hit it off as friends right away. We were in a group of about eight people that went our entire four years together. It was pretty crazy because we literally had the same foundations track (Heather was an illustration major and I was a design major) for two years. Every class together! We were both in other relationships all four years at MCAD, but we were always together and known to be inseparable. Lucky me! We ended up connecting the last couple weeks of MCAD during finals, and here we are, years later with three teenagers, a design shop that we run together and have since 2001, and a cat (even though we are both NOT cat people).

Keith, what was your first impression of Heather?

My first impression of Heather was that she was a preppy type person like I was and was on the less artsy side of MCAD. We were new to the art scene and really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into, but knew right away that we would be friends. I also thought she was super cute, but couldn't say anything because I was in a relationship. Definitely had to put that business on hold for a while. Which was probably the best thing, because we really saw how we were in and out of relationships while remaining the best of friends.

Heather, what was your first impression of Keith?

When we were in orientation, I saw Keith across the mall area with a group of people and just knew that those people would be my friends. I thought Keith was fun and easy going, just the kind of person that I wanted to have classes with. He was really easy to talk to and had a great attitude about life and school.

Valentine's Day: love it or hate it?

Love it, though we really don't celebrate it hardcore, because we try to make most days a Valentine's Day. When celebrating it, we love to share it with our kids as well, as it makes for a fun time for the whole family. We have restaurant clients with awesome five-star restaurants, but we try to avoid going because we know they will be crazy. So we end up eating at home because we love to cook together. And lucky for me, Heather is a phenomenal cook, which makes me very happy to be the sous chef! 

Your ideal date would be . . .

Our ideal date is to travel anywhere together. Camping together. Hanging with our three teenagers. Or honestly, sitting at home vegging. Though it sounds lame, it's the truth and we love every minute of it!