Fragments of You and Me... by FAILE (Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller ’02). Photo taken by Jaafar Alnabi ’16
Fragments of You and Me... by FAILE (Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller ’02). Photo taken by Jaafar Alnabi ’16

View the collection of installations commissioned in celebration of MCAD’s NEXT/NOW capital campaign.

Having completed the NEXT/NOW capital campaign and raising nearly $24M for scholarships, facilities, and academic program support, MCAD asked four alumni to create installations in honor of this major milestone. Margarita Jane Arguedas ’17, Jonathan Rodriguez ’13, Arlene Birt ’02, and Patrick Miller ’02 (of duo FAILE) each conceived of and implemented large-scale works that are on view in (and on) the MCAD Main Building. Some will be here for a while, others are coming down in December, so stop by campus soon to see them all before they disappear!

Janie Arguedas Installation


Margarita Jane Arguedas ’17
Do You See Color Now?
Hand-deconstructed fabric, dye

"The time is now to critically reevaluate the status quo while taking our next steps into releasing the tensions that hold oppressive systems in place. To make visible the continuous wounds that cause holes and tears within the fabric of our society. So that we are then able to heal the divide between 'us' and 'them.'" —Margarita Jane Arguedas 

A graduate of MCAD’s Entrepreneurial Studies Program, Arguedas works primarily with hand-deconstructed fabric to represent the complexity of the human condition. Her process and each fabric installation is site specific, as the nature of deconstructed fabric changes depending on how it is used and the intentions behind it. Her work was featured on the Spring 2017 cover of NEXT, the magazine of MCAD. 

Background Stories (Arlene Birt ’02)
MCAD Until Now

Felt balls, fishing line

"This data visualization by Background Stories shows all 7,265 (known) MCAD graduates throughout the history of the school—up until now. Each student is represented by a ball and color-coded by the department from which they graduated. Each string of balls is a year of MCAD’s history." —Arlene Birt

Birt is a graduate and faculty member of MCAD’s Entrepreneurial Studies Program and chief visual storyteller for Background Stories. Her work rides the line between art and education; real-world static data plays out into more emotionally charged, collectively visual stories. 

Jonathan Rodriguez ’13
15mm clear and coated glass tube; neon and argon gas, 12kV 

"Spectrum(s) explores geometry and expression / formality and imprecision / fragmentation through visualization / power v restraint" —Jonathan Rodriguez

A graduate of MCAD’s Entrepreneurial Studies Program and merit scholarship recipient, Rodriguez now works with local and national clients to create interactive experiences, provide art direction, and design light installations.  

FAILE (Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller ’02)
Fragments of You and Me...

"This mural looks back at a selection of icons from our eighteen-year career and collaboration as FAILE. Our first series of work was made at MCAD in 1999–2000 while I was studying there. Many of our early images were made and printed during this time, which then went out into city streets throughout the world. Some of these images are represented in the mural along with newer works that represent elements of our practice from representational iconography, typography, and patterning.

"More recently, we’ve been exploring borders within our work as a direct reference to American folk art and our ongoing inspiration from quiltmaking, which flows through our studio practice. This also references our early street postering, resulting in framed out images on a wall.

"We use the secondary moniker of 1986 in our work—a reference to the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster which created a lasting impact from our childhood. MCAD’s founding in 1886 offered a nice bridge between a common reference in our work and part of MCAD’s history in the shared ’86.

“As a student, MCAD offered me the opportunity to take risks and explore a variety of media while surrounded by driven, inspiring classmates and dedicated teachers. The range and open access to multiple work labs fostered an approach to art making that felt like anything was possible. During my time there, I was able to create a vehicle to continue this exploration of the world and its meaning to me. Since leaving I’ve worked with many former classmates to achieve projects, editions, books, and artworks. I’m honored to be invited back to MCAD to share publicly the work that has been my livelihood since my time there.” —Patrick Miller