Scholarship Recipient Profile: Bobby Rogers ’14

How did you choose MCAD?

Bobby Rogers: I knew that I was internally leaning toward design and illustration. I was going to be a couple hundred dollars short a few days before school started. I left MCAD and I was a block away from home and Laura Link, MCAD’s financial aid director, called me and said, “We just added this scholarship to your profile—do you want to come back and fill out this paperwork?” and so I got excited and ran back to MCAD. It was one of those times where you’re like, “Damn, this isn’t going to happen, or I gotta hustle to get whatever it is.” Talking to Laura, she was able to get me another scholarship.

What were the highlights of your experience at MCAD?

All-nighters. Starting some of the clubs. I tried to start a wine club, but they didn’t let us do that—it wasn’t all-inclusive. Having a studio. I feel like being in my studio all the time helped me now in having the mentality that what I do for fun is working—what I do for fun is creating art—and that happened through MCAD.

Bobby Rogers, Everything is Temporary, I, 2015, digital illustration

Bobby Rogers, Everything is Temporary, I, 2015, digital illustration


How did scholarships make a difference in your life?

Scholarships were the make or break of whether I was going to school or not. Scholarships, especially for going to art school, are like a catalyst for one part of the puzzle that’s going to create something great. I know people who were on scholar- ships and they’re all doing great things. I know that if that’s something that wasn’t there, life would be completely different. I probably would have gone to some other school. And I know I still would’ve had to work hella hard to get to wherever I’m going, but I know scholarships ease that burden.

How has MCAD helped you come to where you are today?

MCAD is a perfect institution for an individual who is self-motivated. If you’re not, you’re going to do what’s required and then stop. If you’re self-motivated, you’re going to push forward to make it something you love. MCAD helped me develop this self-motivation, making art more than just something for a job and into a lifestyle.

How does MCAD look in the rearview mirror?

I think it’s a great school—people are able to explore their creativity unjudged. Something that I wish MCAD did do more of is explore diversity in a more broad manner so people learn more not just about art, but about culture and themselves. An aspect of my work now, which I realize in hindsight I did minimally while at MCAD, is giving voice to people of color in art. I attempt with every project, if possible, to work with individuals of various cultural backgrounds because I feel like there’s always someone being underrepresented in artwork and people have preconceived notions. People have a stereotype of what a black artist is, and I want to show you can be an African American artist and you can create anything. 

Bobby Rogers, Ghost 2, 2015, photography and art direction

Bobby Rogers, Ghost 2, 2015, photography and art direction