Tom KraMer is president and CEO of Kablooe Design.
Tom KraMer is president and CEO of Kablooe Design.

I stumbled into MCAD’s industrial design (ID) program totally by accident. I loved to paint, draw, and sculpt, and realized that in ID I could use my artistic talents to create practical objects and get a paid position doing it.

Working in the studio was open and collaborative, the 3D Shop was fun and useful, and life around the campus was always bubbling, supportive, and diverse. I forged friendships on campus that remain the strongest in my life. Our instructors pushed hard, but I believe we turned out the best ID graduates of any college in the Midwest.

The Muv created for CEGA by Kablooe Design. This Medical Device Excellence award-winning efficient patient transfer system simplifies the process of moving millions of patients from bed to bed every year and has helped reduce the incidence of patient and staff injury in hospitals across the country.

A year after graduation, I partnered with another freelancer to create Kablooe Design—an industrial design focused product development consulting firm. Through the years we added mechanical engineering, human factors, usability, graphical user interface design, and biomedical engineering to our existing ID and prototyping services. Today we specialize in medical devices and use good design practices to help entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies create things to improve people’s lives.

"I am truly grateful that I have had the privilege of using design principles to help people with everything from skin conditions to brain cancer."

Shortly after my graduation, the ID program went away. I love that the program is coming back as product design, and the timing is perfect. Our world is in need of innovators who have been trained to use both sides of their brains to help solve the world’s problems through the conception of new novel devices.

Rezum Prostate Ablation System created for NxThera by Kablooe Design. This uses gentle steam ablation therapy in order to denature the cell membrane of prostate cells, causing immediate cell death.