Trying MCAD On for Size

This month's Admitted Student Day was all about workshops, panels, and presentations given by current students and alumni.

High school students have a lot on their minds once they've submitted their college applications. Where will they be accepted? Which college should they choose? What are the campuses like? And, for me especially, what are the classes like?

Throughout the year, students interested in applying to MCAD can schedule a visit where they get to meet the admissions staff, take a campus tour (facilities and housing included) led by a student or alum, and sometimes even sit in on a studio class. But these visits just give a quick taste of what life could be like at MCAD. At Admitted Student Day, admitted students get to spend a whole day trying MCAD on for size. 

Admitted students listening intently to a panel of current MCAD students discussing how they got their internships.

Treated to Glam Doll Donuts and a warm welcome from MCAD President Jay Coogan himself, the day began with admitted students and their families and friends milling around MCAD's Main Gallery before attending a presentation outlining the many aspects of MCAD life—both before and after graduation. Following this presentation, family members were whisked away to learn about things like financial aid and student resources, while the students split into two groups. Group one made themselves comfortable in the auditorium for an in-depth conversation with MCAD students about everything from housing to majors to having a show in the student-run Gallery 148. Meanwhile, group two dispersed to begin a range of art and design studio workshops. 

Admitted students, parents, and guests perusing the Stream Capture show in the Main Gallery

Knowing what classes will be like, structure- and content-wise, is a pretty helpful bit of knowledge when it comes to picking which college to go to. The workshops involved collaborative comic art, drawing a model from life, getting a crash course in the metal and wood sections of the 3D shop, soaking up knowledge about filmmaking during a presentation, and getting a behind-the-scenes look at photographing models with a flash. Each of these workshops provided students a glimpse of what the academic side of MCAD life could be like. Students experienced welding up close, put their drawing and comics skills on the spot and to the test, learned about some of the newest photography equipment in the field, and gained a further understanding of filmmaking. Not only did these workshops help students imagine MCAD life, they might have even helped them decide on their major as well! 

The day concluded with a catered lunch, where admitted students got to mingle as well as get answers to any remaining questions.

Choosing a college is such an important and sometimes difficult decision. There are so many aspects of a potential school to take into consideration during this phase in a person's life. MCAD offers this event as an in-depth look at what potential students can expect should they choose to come here, and I hope everyone had a good time and left Admitted Student Day a little more informed and excited about the next chapter in their lives!

admitted student day