A table display at the 2018 Zine Fest
A table display at the 2018 Zine Fest

The Twin Cities hosted their largest Zine Festival ever this year, producing a magical space full of inspiring creators to discover.

The Twin Cities annual Zine Festival occurred Saturday, September 15, at the Hennepin County Library in downtown Minneapolis. Zine Fest is a place where artists and authors come together to sell their self-published zines, comics, and more. It's a welcoming community full of people looking to share their stories with the world.

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This year was the first time Zine Fest was hosted at the library, which encouraged more people to wander in and discover what Zine Fest is all about. People who were just looking to check out books found themselves exploring the tables and chatting with the artists and authors behind the stories they discovered. People of all ages and backgrounds came together while exploring the tables and participating in activities, such as making your own button.

Aaron Snow

Aaron C. Snow

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Jay Ross and Kay Rossbach ’14

While exploring the many rows of tables, I came across several MCAD students and alumni who gave some insight on the Zine Fest community. Current MCAD student Aaron C. Snow would encourage other aspiring artists to join, because "the organizers at Zine Fest try to get a large variety of people to participate, creating a welcoming community to be a part of." Kay Rossbach ’14 and Jay Ross, an artist from the area, described the community as a great way to meet new artists and make friends who are just as passionate about their craft as any artist.

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Magdalen Ng and Ari Mulch

One main feature that sets Zine Fest apart is the fact that every story is written and published independently. Recent MCAD graduate Magdalen Ng, aka Inky Fingers, described the event as unique because "zines allow for voices that may not make it into mainstream publications to thrive at Zine Fest." Nathan O'Brien, the author of Soda Killers magazine, described this opportunity as "being able to be the media you want to see in the world—allowing for a fully unedited voice to be heard."

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Monica Edwards Larson's bike press

MCAD faculty member Monica Edwards Larson of Sister Black Press set up her bike press right in the entrance to Zine Fest allowing people to come up and print their own card right there. She explained, "by providing a wide array of people a way to print something for themselves, it opens them up to another aspect of publishing." Not only was the bike press a huge hit, but it also made people curious about what people had printed for Zine Fest.

Overall the Zine Festival of 2018 was a huge hit for everyone involved. This annual event is a great way to support comic artists of the Twin Cities, and hopefully the Zine Fest of 2019 will be an even bigger and better showcase of everything the Twin Cities has to offer.

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