The crowded Main Gallery during the MCAD Art Sale
The crowded Main Gallery during the MCAD Art Sale

What did you buy at the 2018 MCAD Art Sale?

Each November MCAD hosts a massive art sale where the public is invited to the college to buy work by current students and alumni. For three days, every inch of wall space is covered with wonderful artwork ready to be sold. On Saturday, the final day of the sale, I asked some of the attendees about what they bought and why.

Attendee holding art of hands

“I liked the colors in these pieces and how flat the colors are. I also bought this print for my sister because she enjoys spooky things.”
Two Attendees holding print of women at diner

“We liked everything here, but we saw this piece on MCAD's Instagram earlier this week so it was exciting to find it hidden in the sale. We also really loved this piece with two women at the diner because it makes me wonder what those women are talking about.”
Attendees holding art by Sarah Evenson

“We bought a few pieces by Sarah Evenson which we were just fascinated by because of how humorous and sweet they are. We also got this weird cat print by Lynette Ortega because of how fun it is.”
Attendee holding print

“It is just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful and it's a print of a piece I saw last year and fell in love with. Everything by this artist is just beautiful.”
Attendee holding mug and print of shark

“I bought this mug because it has a nice weight and the simultaneous flatness and depth of the color is really nice. I also got this shark print because the textures and the colors were pleasing to me.”
Attendees holding art

“We thought this piece was adorable and it will be perfect for our daughter's room.”

“I got two prints because of how pretty the colors are and how they look like they are screenprinted.”

“I got a Frida Kahlo print for my friend's daughter and I got this one because I know the artist and she makes the paper herself. I like how it reminds me of the four seasons.”
Attendee holding print

“I found many prints but this illustration is one of my favorites because of how nice and shiny the paper is.”
Attendee holding print

“I chose this artwork for one of my friends and I thought they would appreciate it.”
Attendee holding art

“I really liked the colors and this is the one piece that really stuck with me throughout the sale so I had to back and get it.”
attendees holding sweater by Shane Toomey

“We got this sweater made by Shane Toomey because of how they incorporated their photography with apparel was really fascinating. We also liked the color and how it was hand stitched.”
Attendee holding art

“I got this print because I'm a bit of a nature lover so the scene and all of the different insects in it really appealed to me.”
Attendee holding art and stuffed animal

“We got two screenprints, two stuffed animals, a pack of stickers, and a digital print. It's mostly character based stuff which we really like.”