"My favorite teacher has to be Abbi Allan because she has such fun energy. She also cares so much about her students as well as our future goals." –Beza Daniel
"My favorite teacher has to be Abbi Allan because she has such fun energy. She also cares so much about her students as well as our future goals." –Beza Daniel

In honor of National Arts in Education Week 2016, we asked MCAD students to talk about the art teachers who have made an impact on their lives.


"Abbi Allan is my favorite teacher! She gave me motivation and inspiration for the entrepreneurial studies program when I was feeling insecure." –Joel Minan Yi 

Tracy Yang

"Kirk Horsted would have to be my favorite instructor because he always took the time to really critique my work and was always very informative, even with topics he wasn't really familiar with. He is always sophisticated and intelligent when it comes to teaching his students and is always very understanding." –Tracy Yang

Sharon Murphy

"Well, rewind to 1977 and 1978, and I had two high school art teachers who influenced and encouraged me. Miss Hollingsworth (I can't remember her first name) taught a creativity class where we were given assignments and told to "create it." So, we could do anything and anything was open to us, which was unusual for the class curriculum at that time in that high school, Tuscaloosa High School. The other art teacher I had was Gary Kerr, and one of the things he said to us on a daily basis was "Please stop spitting clay balls at the clock!" He taught me a lot about drawing, printmaking, still lifes, and he was encouraging and very helpful. Both of these teachers are still very important to me and my practice." –Sharon Murpree


"My favorite teacher is Jerry Allan. He's taught me to think outside of the box more than any other teacher and he constantly is pushing the envelope and blowing my mind, whether it is talking about thermodynamics or sustainability. He's taught me how to value my time." –Daren Hill  


"I have to say right now my favorite teacher is Lara Rodriguez. I knew the first day when she told us there are no cis gender white males on her syllabus that I was going to love her class! It's also only week three and I've probably learned more than I have in most semester-long classes." –Eric Stenberg


"My favorite art teacher is Kari Halker-Saathoff. She was my AP art studio teacher in high school. What I like about her is she actually cares what you do after high school—she's the one who made me apply to MCAD. I'm still in touch with her and I send her every photograph that I take to have her critique it, and I still really value her input. Her main focus is ceramics and her whole family is super artistic too!" –Jessica Radanavong


"Kirk Horsted shows his students the beauty of writing, and all of the different things we can do with that talent. He's one of those teachers that you look for when you're signing up for classes in the spring and fall." –Sarah Tollefson 


"I had Abbi Allan for my first class after taking three years off of pursuing a BFA in sculpture. I didn't know what to expect from the entrepreneurial studies program and was pleasantly surprised when Abbi was able to speak to what I am truly passionate about and what I want out of my life. Her energy, joy, and excitement for teaching is genuine and she goes out of her way to understand each and every student, making them feel important and valued. Kirk Horsted is able to balance professionalism, humor, and quality standards for his students that creates a relaxed and enchanced learning environment. He cares about each one of his students, that they learn and ultimately succeed after college. After taking his class, I was able to more clearly define my voice, making me feel more confident about my ability to communicate in any field that I choose to go into." –Janie Arguedas