Once successfully enrolled, MCAD students have the opportunity to compete for Merit Scholarships. More than fifty scholarships are awarded every year to undergraduate and graduate students. These awards are added to students’ existing financial-aid packages for the next academic year.

Featured Merit Scholarship winners of spring 2011

Matthew Berg / Senior, Filmmaking

MCAD Filmmaking Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“I decided to come to MCAD after taking a few years off to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. My friends kept telling me that I was an artist, so I should just get into art school already!”

Clint Bohaty / Senior, Filmmaking

MCAD Filmmaking Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“I decided to enroll at MCAD after researching numerous film and animation schools across the Midwest. MCAD’s small and creative student body, intimate campus, and equipment access system all helped me finalize my decision to enroll.”

Taisha Bosher / Junior, Illustration

Illustration Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“I wanted to show versatility of applications, so I decided to include a range from surface design, editorial, bookmaking, and so on. I like my work to stay current and heavily research based but also enjoy playing with color, intricate details, hand-rendered typography, and pattern. I want my work to make people happy.”

Michelle Brost / Junior, Animation

Senior Media Arts Scholarship—$6,000

“This piece was one of the first animations I ever finished, a stop motion called Coyote Steals the Sun. I made it in my stop motion class last spring. It was a haphazard and gritty process, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm currently remixing the sound in my Sound for Filmmaking class!”

Sarah Fowler / Junior, Drawing and Painting

Senior Fine Arts Merit Scholarship—$6,000

“It is a wonderful feeling to know that my work is recognized and appreciated by the fine arts department. It reassures me that my studio practice has potential to find success, and that I made the right decision choosing MCAD for my college education.”

Alexandra Fritz / Junior, Fine Arts Studio

Kinji Akagawa Merit Scholarship—$1,300

“I chose MCAD based on the quality of student work I saw coming out of the BFA program. I also spent a lot of time paging through course offerings at prospective colleges and was most impressed by MCAD's options.”

Emily Fritze / Junior, Animation

Animation Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“Winning a merit scholarship means fewer student loans and also allows me to focus that much more on my work now and after graduation.”

Alyssa Graham / Junior, Photography

Photography Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“Winning a merit scholarship means being able to focus more on my education and less on the monetary difficulties that come along with higher education. Specifically, I feel that winning a merit scholarship is a real compliment and encouragement to my work and my practice.”

Andrew Herbst / Senior, Comic Art

Will Eisner Sequential Art Scholarship—$2,000

“I am paying for my education on my own, so any financial assistance I can get really helps! Also, I feel like earning a merit justifies all of the hard work, and it is nice to see that paying off. I know that it would have never happened if I wasn't growing as an artist, so winning a merit reinforces the idea that if you want something bad enough, you can get it.”

Jonah Huang / Sophomore, Animation

Animation Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“I came to MCAD because I was impressed by the quality of animation work that came out of the program here. Winning a merit scholarship encourages me to work harder to ensure that I can meet the high standards that I have set for myself.”

Jarad Jenson / Senior, Illustration

Illustration Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“This body of work developed over the course of this past year of classes. Coming out of my background of working primarily with traditional media, I began to bring my collage aesthetic into the realm of digital manipulation to pull new possibilities into the images. This way of working has allowed me to bring a real depth and interest to the compositions as well as the conceptual content of the illustrations.”

Jennifer Jorns / Sophomore, Illustration

Liberal Arts Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“I decided to come to MCAD because the work generated by students here was light years ahead of the work I saw at other schools I toured, and I felt welcome during the tour, not like an intruder or a passerby. For liberal arts merits, I submitted three of my responses to historical political-theory essays.”

Sarah Julson / Junior, Web and Multimedia Environments

WMM Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“In the search to find the best-fitting art and design school, it eventually came down to dollars and cents. I knew I would receive a great education at the many schools I applied to, but MCAD provided the best scholarships that made it possible to obtain my goals. I also appreciated the smaller community of students and faculty that would make my experience personal and unique.”

Grace Keaton / Sophomore, Photography

Photography Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“I decided on MCAD because I loved the size—the perfect little big school. I was very impressed by the photo facilities and the helpful and responsive staff.”

Danielle Keller / Senior, Comic Art

Senior Design Merit Scholarship—$6,000

“It means a great deal to me as a comic art major to win a senior design merit scholarship. I've always been interested in merging design with my comics (and vice versa), so having that recognized makes me really happy. It also allows me to financially pursue this passion, as I'll be doing an internship in Los Angeles this summer doing graphic design for BOOM! Studios.”

Rachel Knoll / Sophomore, Web and Multimedia Environments

WMM Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“In this piece, I was interested in mitigating the experience of two disparate video projections, one featuring dramatic imagery and one featuring more mundane or banal actions or scenes. I want my viewer to reflect on the loss of meaning and discernment created by the simultaneity and fragmentation of these projections, potentially prompting reflection about contemporary culture. I also desire to create an aesthetic or formal experience for the viewer.”

Kayla Knudson / Junior, Advertising

Advertising Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“I originally transferred to MCAD from another college to study print paper book. But after taking an advertising class, I fell in love.”

Heather Nguyen / Senior, Advertising

Senior Bachelor of Science Scholarship—$6,000

“Besides wanting to experience the culture and arts in Minneapolis, I felt that MCAD could offer me the type of program that fit with my interests, along with the flexibility to allow me to concentrate on my own passions as an artist and professional. I was most impressed with the advertising program, after researching the relationships MCAD and its faculty have formed with local agencies.”

Joshua Meillier / Sophomore, Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“I came to MCAD in order to build the strongest portfolio that I could while figuring out my creative process as an artist.”

Emily Owens / Sophomore, Sculpture

Sculpture Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“My art is a series of experiments. The finished pieces are what I learned and my reaction to the materials. They're all physical demonstrations of feelings and emotions.”

Anton Pearson / Junior, Graphic Design

Graphic Design Merit Scholarship

“Being from the Twin Cities, I thought, why travel to attend another school when MCAD has one of the best design departments in the nation?”

Nadia Pereira / Junior, Painting

Patricia Kennedy Crump Merit Scholarship—$1,175

“MCAD had such a humble hard-working vibe to it and that’s what drew me in. The faculty listed was incredible and I was obsessed with some of the student work on the website. I wanted to transfer to a professional art school that took their work seriously, and that's what MCAD is. It was my first choice. After I got in, I cancelled my other applications and packed my bags, leaving the upstate college in New York I had attended for a year and a half.”

Morgan Richter / Junior, Advertising

Advertising Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“Winning a merit scholarship solidifies in my mind the value of my creative drive. It also validates my work and that I will make great things in my future.”

Zoe Shulman / Sophomore, Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting Merit Scholarship

“For me, winning a merit scholarship is encouragement that comes with responsibility. Now that I have been recognized as a budding painter, I feel the need to live up to the new-found courage I have been given as a result of the merit. It is a part of growth and maturity, and I am excited to be on a new chapter of that path.”

Matte Szklarz / Senior, Web and Multimedia Environments

Logan WMM Merit Scholarship

“I ended up declaring myself as a web and multimedia major before ever writing a single line of code, and it was no small struggle to get myself up to speed. Winning the merit scholarship was a victory and validation of all the long hours spent poring over those tomes of programming code—far from the most entertaining of reading materials!”

Lux Stupica / Junior, Animation

Logan Animation Merit Scholarship—$2,500

“Winning a merit scholarship, to me, is the difference between being able to chase my dreams of having a career in the art world and not living my dreams and being depressed and working unhappily in some cubicle where I am not using my talents to make a difference. The scholarship means the world to me!”

Carl Thompson / Senior, Comic Art

Roy B. Justus Comic Art Scholarship—$2,000

“I wanted to come to MCAD because this school has a reputation for being one of the best art schools in the country. If I was going to be a successful artist, I wanted my education to be from here. I was also very impressed with the facilities available to the students. MCAD had every kind of studio I had ever wanted, and this was a resource I simply couldn't pass up. Finally, I wanted my artistic voice to be heard, and I felt that MCAD was the place that would make it happen for me.”

Caitlin Warner / Senior, Print Paper Book

Print Paper Book Merit Scholarship—$2,000

“These books contain a variety of experiments in capturing, relating, and transcribing the physical experience of travel. I have chosen to take no photos while studying in Ireland, and these notebooks are my means of recording the experience. This project is also a way for me to examine exactly what experience means.”

AJ Warnick / Senior, Web and Multimedia Environments

Senior Media Arts Scholarship—$6,000

“My work is interested in power and labor and the role of the immaterial in both of theses things. This is done through digital manipulation of appropriated conical contemporary art work.”

Teagan White / Junior, Illustration

Senior Design Merit Scholarship—$6,000

“I tried to demonstrate the breadth of my work, which ranges from pieces more readily defined as "illustration" to projects done in drawing and painting classes. Every piece in my merit show also involves typography in some way, whether as the focus of the piece or just a small addition to it, since type is one of my passions as an illustrator.”