Feel You by Ta-Coumba Aiken
Feel You by Ta-Coumba Aiken

Every year since 2010, Pygmalion's Art Supplies in Bloomington, Indiana, has partnered with artists to create a limited-edition Gamblin Artist Color. This year, they have partnered with Wet Paint in St. Paul.

Alum Ta-Coumba Aiken collaborated with Gamblin Artist Colors to design Knew Black, a chromatic black created from a unique mixture of Dioxazine Violet and Bone Black. Later this month, Aiken will be at Wet Paint to celebrate the debut of this color. There will be painting stations set up so customers can try it out as well as a limited number of tubes for sale. Wet Paint is also offering a pre-order option that includes a tube of paint and a tee-shirt featuring the Knew Black logo. All proceeds will benefit the Show Gallery in Lowertown St. Paul.

Pygmalion's will host a one-night art show featuring artwork created with Knew Black. The show is open to artists ages six and above.

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