“Flooded” encaustic photography by Nadia Alenov; Photo courtesy of the Phipps

MCAD alumni Nadia Alenov and Lisa Vang have work included in the galleries of The Phipps Center for the Arts. This winter, the work of more than twenty artists working in everything from photography to ceramics is on view.

Alenov, who works in encaustics (the use of beeswax and damar resin to create mixed media photography), tells the Hudson Observer, "photographic encaustics are a relatively new spin on this ancient technique. Encaustics helps seal in the intrinsic qualities of an image and elevates the piece to a state of timelessness."

Vang's work focuses on taking the symbols and stylistic imagery from Hmong textiles and translating them onto mediums not well known to Hmong art.

The Phipps Galleries
Phipps Center for the Arts
On view until January 14

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