Alumni Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martin's new animated series will premiere this weekend on Adult Swim.

Tigtone is the saga of a quest-addicted hero who slashes his way across a satirical fantasy universe with melodramatic ferocity, always obeying the letter of the law but never its spirit. This quarter-hour long animated show is produced by Koehler, Martin, and Blake Anderson (of Workaholics fame). 

The idea for the series began in 2014 when Koehler and Martin posted a live-action short on YouTube called The Begun of Tigtone. Anderson saw the video and emailed the duo, letting them know that he really like their work and wanted to bring it to the folks at Adult Swim. Today, Tigtone has a team of about forty people, most who based are out of the full-service animation production company Titmouse Inc. 

“The show looks so good, and every day we’re in awe of all the artists. The first thing I think when I step back is how impressed I am with the talent that Titmouse has been able to assemble."—Koehler

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