The cover for MUTINY issue 0, featuring the comic character SPAWN. He breathes out a noxious green gas while looking directly at the viewer.
Mutiny #0 Kickstarter

Current student Lilliah Baker (known professionally as Lilliah Campagna) has participated in the launch of MUTINY magazine at FairSquare Comics. The magazine, which Baker worked on as an associate editor, is live on Kickstarter.

MUTINY magazine is “representative of the diversity, expressiveness, and beauty of the comics communities.” The magazine seeks to highlight comics creators of all walks of life and from all genres, mainstream and indie alike; the project features new comics, editorial interviews and articles, among other features. FairSquare Comics’ mission is to “promote and give more exposure to immigrants, minorities and under-represented creators of the world," or simply "comics for the rest of us."

Baker is a comic creator, writer, storyboard artist, and concept artist working in the Southern California animation and comic industries while she attends MCAD. She has worked as an animator for Sea Monsters Studios and as an associate editor at FairSquare Comics, and has done freelance work on documentaries and on a short film directed by Eric Goldberg. She is the creator of MOTORCYCLE HEAD & THE SIGN and RHŪPA, the latter of which is forthcoming.

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