Artwork by Anna Leigh Biedenbender

Anna Leigh Biedenbender ’16, MFA, is showcasing work in the solo exhibition At Two You’re At Abstraction. In her latest work, Biedenbender dissolves figure and ground relationships into compositions of gestural line and mark that are filled with tension between figuration and abstraction, and fluctuate between the ephemeral and the concrete.

Working from multiple reference sources allows her to combine and translate the information through painting and drawing. This process is part depiction and part alteration, so the work hovers between clarity and obscurity. Through this process, Biedenbender is able to reflect on the intersection of identity and humanity.

At Two You're At Abstraction
Saturday, January 27 -February 22
Modus Locus
Opening reception: Saturday, January 27, 6:00–9:00 p.m.

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