A painting of a bony, bearded man with greyed skin clutches his heart. Behind him, the plaster wall he stands in front of forms cracks.
"Cardiac Depression" by Lukas Carlson

Current MFA candidate Lukas Carlson has illustrated the cover of VolumeOne’s April 8 issue. To mark the occasion, VolumeOne featured Carlson in an article highlighting the story and intent behind the illustration’s creation.

“Beauty comes in many guises but, for me, it is in our ability to express pain where beauty becomes most potent. Our ability to filter our emotions is most delicate during these moments of melancholia. I am attracted to the honesty that sadness holds,” Carlson says of the cover illustration, a painting titled Cardiac Depression. Carlson is a painter whose work primarily studies the figure through melancholy in the mediums of drawing and painting. His work has been published by The Guardian, Alpha Magazine, 507 Magazine, and WQOQ Channel 18 News.

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