I Like Me! By Nancy Carlson
I Like Me! By Nancy Carlson

Nancy Carlson ’76 recently visited the School of St. Philip in Litchfield to talk about her creative process and inspirations.

Carlson has published sixty-seven children's books over the course of her career and has spent the last several decades creating characters and worlds for them to tell stories that are relatable to children through personal anecdotes. Her books have also been a part of the selection in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program, which sends free books to children from birth to when they begin school.

Carlson told the audience of students and family members that the best way to come up with information is to draw on memories, use their imagination, and to never stop creating.

“Doodle every day. I do a doodle a day, and I have done that for nine years and I’ve never missed a day. When you doodle every day, two things happen: You’re going to become a much better artist, and you’re going to exercise your imagination.” —Carlson

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